The Brasserie

The Brasserie.

" Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience. "

The Hilton International. A building that looks like a normal hotel from outside but as soon as you enter the big doors your eyes lit up in joy and you are amazed by the feel. The vibe. The interiors are like a 19th century palace.

I visited this place to experience the Independence day special brunch. The whole was decorated tastefully in our tri colours. The desserts were also done up in our tri-colour ( Check photos attached. )

When you walk down the stares to the Brasserie you will experience a vibe that is so welcoming and easy. Seeing happy and smiling faces all around surely makes a dinning experience ten folds better.

I visited this place with my mom , to be honest I have rarely liked food which is served in big hotels as they prepair food which has an European feel in our indian cuisine. The spices are not that spicy. But Hilton. Hilton keeps the authenticity to the point.

Rule Numro uno - If the mother likes it then the food is perfect. As every mother's Patten dialog is " I can make better than this at home ". But my mom who is an excellent cook, loved every bite of the meal we had.

Seeing her happy it really made me feel calm and made this independence day meal very special.

So what all I had and loved ?

Our meal was started with a hot bowl of

- Paaya Soup. ( Recommended )

Then we moved onto

- Murgh Banjara Kebab ( Highly Recommended )

-  Chicken Tandoori ( Highly Recommended )

- Fish in garlic sauce ( Recommended )

- Makai Mushroom Tikki.

- Paneer Salt and Pepper.

Then we moved onto the main course

- Prawn Curry ( Highly recommended )

- Patra Roll ( Recommended )

- Chicken Makhani ( Finger Licking. )

No Meal is complete without desserts.

- Mini Rasgulla

- Tri Colour Firni.

- Mousse.

If the place is serving the best food in the world but their staff Is not upto the mark then the meal and experience is never that good. But Hilton staff is on point. The restaurant manager Mr Mayank specially took care of my table and made it sure my experience was perfect.

Both the servers Sandeep and Natasha were always there to help me with whatever I need and always had a smile bright smile on the face.

Such small small things really makes you feel comfortable and makes your experience worth talking about and worth Recommending to everyone you know.