K Bhagat Tarachand

K Bhagat Tarachand.

5 to a place which is in a food court of a mall ? Surprising ? I'm sure it is, As even I was surprised by the food, It's taste , it's quality and the quantity compared to the price they offer at.

K bhagat tarachand is not some ordinary name when it comes to the food side, It's not one of the leading but The leading brand which has been ruling hearts and pleasing stomachs of people since last 123 years. Yes 123 years, Can you imagine a place. A brand which has been in the market since more than the number you can count without fumbling or missing a number.

You don't survive in the food market until and unless you are something special. K bhagat tarachand is the place to go to for vegetarian food lovers.

They have 4 outlets in Bombay. I visited the nariman point one as I had gone for a movie, while getting down I saw K bhagat tarachand name in the food court and I was like " let's have a meal which I shall remember for a real long time ". To be honest it had been more than 2-3 years since I had last eaten bhagat tarachand food so when I saw the name the place just pulled me towards it.

What food. I mean whaaaat food. You don't get such rich food these days in Bombay. It has become a luxury to have such clean and rich food. This brand has kept the real Indian tradition and taste in their food.

So what all did I have ?

- Chole Bhature
- Chaat Platter
- Thali  with add on papad churi
- Chaas Bottle
-  Rabdi
-  Moong Dal Halwa
-  Gulab Jamun

I cannot pick one thing which I would recommend you should try as everything I tried was Soo good and yummy that I want you'll to have everything given above.


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