Being a foodie and eating right has always been a task for me, living and working in a city which is forever on a run with busy schedule and fast paced life. It's gets pretty difficult to maintain a nutritional balance diet.

What happens when you combine two of your favorites into one spread ?

The benefit of nuts and taste that takes you on a good and happy journey.

Provee has launched India’s first high protein spreads which are 100% natural, low calorie, low sugar, low carbs and high on protein and good fats.

They have three different products:
1. Original protein spread
2. Choco-Hazelnut protein spread
3. Double Chocolate protein spread .

You can avail a 10% discount on all the products by using " VIDURKAPOOR10 " .

All the three spreads are a nutritious delight to your taste buds with goodness of protein , vitamins in every spoon. Trust me when I say this , once this spread touches your taste buds you won't stop having this.

Protein is the hero of their story, you can see the time and effort the brand has put in with every bite that you take. I have not met any person who does not wish to eat everything which is yummy, but the stopping point is always the weight issue. With every pound you gain you are more prone to health issues. Provee has come up with a spread which gives you everything your body wants and needs. While giving you a very yummy food experience.


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