I was not lucky enough to experience the bandra Sancho's , which meant I walked into the newly launched restaurant with no expectations or bias. Helmed by LA's taco king chef Esdras Ochoa who met the queen of slow cooking at "The Final Table " a show which they participated together. She invited the chef to check out our beautiful country. That's where everything started from. Together they brought the flavours of northern Mexico with a LA flair to Bombay.

Bombay - A city of dreams, The city where everyone comes with dreams and aspirations. The city which has love and passion for everything which is made with love. The food at Sancho's is served and made with love which you can taste with every bite that you take.

The interiors are so fresh and inviting which is designed by Gauri khan, The interiors are not over the top but it oozes class and luxury.

Okay let's talk about the food now, I was pretty excited to try some real and authentic Mexican food, which you normally din get in Bombay before Sancho's blessed the city. When you think about Mexican you automatically think about colour , flavours and spices. The burst of spices and flavours that happen with every bite you have.

Chef Esdras Ochoa plans to take over Bombay one taco at a time, The menu is well designed with alot of northern Mexican food with fresh ingredients , grilled meats , seafood , tacos of all sorts and plenty of vegetarian options. While local produce feature on the menu , many of the key ingredients are imported for example the nachos are imported from Mexico. The spices and chillies which are the most integral part of the Mexican cuisine are also imported.

So what all did I have In my sancho's experience ?

° Drinks

- Horchata
- Tepache gringo.

° Food

- Sancho's legendary habanero.
- East La Seafood taco.
- Cameron A La Diabla
- New Zealand Lamb Barbacoa.

° Dessert

- UV's famous tres leches cake.

The place starts at 12.00 Noon and goes up to 1.30 am. This place is on my Recommendsion list for everyone who wants to try and experience the real Mexican flavours.


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