The Pantry cafe

Cocooned in the heart of Mumbai’s art district of Kala Ghoda, The Pantry is a welcoming space providing an experience that, like a home kitchen, is straight from the heart. Whether it be a short break to grab their homemade bakery treasures before heading out into the animated bustle of the neighbourhood or to leave that behind entirely while you befriend time in their subtly stylish confines, they urge you to make the space your own. For far too long, the food culture of our country has been dominated by imports while local produce has often been ignored.

At The Pantry, they promote the use of local produce wherever possible to nurture a grassroots movement within their very own communities. their European-styled fare uses the freshest domestic ingredients available, from organic seasonal vegetables, country eggs, to single-origin Indian coffees and teas in a bid to re-introduce their diners to the fine taste and quality of ingredients in our very own country.

The Pantry is the beginning of their journey, one that they feel will lead them to explore and create new avenues – to promote a sustainable ethos in this otherwise concretized world.

I was there to experience their winter menu, the pantry cafe winter menu shared a glimpse of India's best winter produce. Soft ambient music, organic food, artisanal coffee - there’s literally every reason to get excited about The Pantry. The Pantry Café with its winter delicacies is going all out to treat your taste buds to a feast featuring winter ingredients that are robust with natural goodness.

If there’s anything we’re craving this holiday season, it is delicious soups and a plateful of warm dishes, and The Pantry Cafe promises to warm up your spirits with both. What’s new? Offering a surprising range of flavors, the menu features unique winter ingredients, from hearty Amarphal also known as Persimmon from Kashmir used in the new Hill Station Salad, also featuring Panchgani’s strawberries, to a Flower Tea Kombucha made with rosehips and rhododendron flowers and Nettle, Rosella, Hibiscus and chamomile leaves sourced straight from the hills of Uttrakhand. 

Be it their fresh Warm Apple Cider made in-house with fresh apples and winter spices or the Mulberry & Strawberry Kefir Smoothie, we promise that you will be left wanting more. Don't miss the winter hummus trio and the green TomatoMinestrone Verde.   Also new on the menu is Good morning Mahe - Ghee roast chicken breakfast croissant with a soft scrambled on top and a seasonal Purple Gnocchi made with yam tossed with oyster mushrooms, water chestnuts in a miso butter sauce with fresh green garlic.

The Red Rice Congee is a comforting bowl of a local red rice broth with an option of chicken broth, prawns & edamame. 

Finish the meal with the Pink Guava Cheesecake, which makes an annual comeback or enjoy the seasonal Black Tahina Choco Chip cookie with black sesame seeds with a cup of coffee! Don’t miss: The café’s sustainable décor and the white-tiled piece of heaven.


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