The Ritz Carlton Pune

You might not find Pune on a whole lot of luxury travel itineraries, but with the opening of The Ritz Carlton, Pune has been welcomed to the party.
The Ritz Carlton, Pune offers an inspiring juxtaposition of classic grandeur and modern sophistication with it's 198 rooms, including 35 suits, with views of the god course, iconic art prints and asprey amenities in the heart of the downtown business district.
The hotel has five signature dinning options. A three - kitchen dinning experience featuring Pan-asian , regional Indian and European cuisine. They also have a modern Japanese restaurant , a signature afternoon tea lounge, a poolside bar and grills and a rooftop lounge overlooking the verdant golf course.
The Ritz Carlton features highest-end amenities guest have come to expect from this property. Spa and fitness centers offer travelers the chance to keep up on their wellness and fitness needs or of course the chance to unwind with a poolside cocktail and a relaxing massage.
When it comes to professionals, a business center with executive lounges meet the needs of even the highest ranking corporate executive.
While Pune is not exactly as ' on the radar " as nearby Mumbai , it is a major regional transportation hub that has accordingly developed a diverse cultural identify. It is a cosmopolitan city with large student population, imbuing it with a certain coffee shop charm that's further heightened by a pleasant climate.
Also noteworthy in Pune are the surrounding hill forts, a phenomenon worthy of a day trip for Ritz-Carlton guests with an inclination for sightseeing. These ancient structures are valued as historically precious landmarks of Maharashtra, and one need only look for a short time at their intricate stone masonry to understand why. The forts were built on high ground by the ancient dynasties of India as they jockeyed for power and advantageous trade positions. Visiting several of these forts in a single day is an easy itinerary for luxury travelers who are based out of the Ritz-Carlton, Pune.

The new hotel also stands out thanks to its especially contemporary design that is heavy on glass paneling, making for excellent access to natural light for most all facilities and interior spaces.

The hotel also boasts 35,000 square feet of elegantly designed banquet facilities that are suited to gatherings of all kinds, from business meetings to social affairs. With access to a beautiful outdoor foyer and deck area, the ballrooms are perfect for intimate gatherings and romantic weddings alike.