Delhi highway lower parel

This vegetarian restaurant spells luxury and style from the moment you enter, The comfortable and spacious seating and elaborate interiors add to the charm of the ambience.

Delhi highway is a perfect place for family gatherings. The menu is unique and has varied offerings that actually give you that eagerness to try them all.

The north insian cuisine for which the restaurant is known for, gives you the spiciest of flavours abd tangy twist that you crave for.

This casual dinning indian restaurant is a throwback to indian culinary journey that makes you realize where it stands today. The decor of the place adds to youe culinary experience and makes your meal worth the time invested.

All the recipes served at delhi highway are pure-veg. The serve is an expression of culinary times of organic eating with keeping the primary elements of nature intact.
their method of cooking is completely additive-free, refined sugar-free, synthetic colour-free

Their endeavour is to offer you a dining experience which is deeply flavorful, diverse and unadulterated.