The earth plate - Sahara star

The earth plate, the global cuisine restaurant takes you on a gastronomical journey with a variety of international delicacies to tickle every taste bud.

The opulent interiors with modern patterns and design, offer a casual as well as an elegant dining option.

Featuring a selection of italian, Mediterranean , french and far eastern delicacies along with indian regional favorites, the earth plate is sahara star's offering to the world of global cuisine restaurant.

One of the largest all-day dining restaurant in the city, you can watch the culinary maestros at work in the show kitchen while you enjoy delicacies from around the world.

One of my friend recommended me to try the koli food which is been served at the earth plate as they celebrate the Koli food festival.

I binged into some lip smacking Seafood delicacy at the KOLI FOOD FESTIVAL, where you get steaming fresh catch from the Arabian Sea slathered in an age old secret recipes, spices and garnished with oodles of love, this scrumptious spread will witness a wide range of seafood like fishes, crabs and oysters cooked in a traditional way with hint of spices and coconut.

Overall an experience which was worth every penny spent and time invested. cannot wait to go back and experience more yummy food and warm hospitality.

Insiders Tip

• The Spread is pretty vast, so take a walk before you pick anything and regret not having something which you were craving for

• They have one of the best dessert spread i have experienced

• They have teppanyaki ice cream counter, where you can see your icecreams getting whipped in front of your eyes.


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