Café Duco is all set to now deliver at the comfort of your home!

Embark on a Latin-American takeaway and delivery by chef, entrepreneur and multiple-award winner Urvika Kanoi. Café Duco is all set to bring an ingredient-focused and flavour-forward experience to the city with an all-new delivery menu to satiate all food cravings!

Heavily inspired by Latin American and Mexican cuisines, Café Duco’s menu is a smorgasbord of lively, delicious food, drawn from memories collected over one of the best vacations she has had. Urvika uses all that inspiration and skill to serve stories crafted in the form of recipes and told through fresh produce and a sustainable approach. Relying on a variety of techniques, the menu at Café Duco largely features dishes that are unique and yet, familiar and are brought to life with the help of in-house houses, seasonal ingredients, a panoply of herbs and zesty condiments.

One can’t speak of flavour without mentioning tacos, the most consumed Mexican dish in the world. Duco’s version packs a punch with options like Wild Mushroom, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Butter Garlic Shrimp and Braised Lamb. The other Mexican favourite on the menu that you just can’t miss is the quesadillas. Plus, a Small Plates section has been designed to fill your table with flavours and mirth. Choose from options like Grilled Aubergine served with a luscious ginger-scallion mash and the umami-rich miso; crispy Batata Harra served with a herbaceous mint aioli; or a fiery Picante Chicken that has been paired with homemade hot sauce. Then, there are the Chilli Naranja Pork Ribs that are oh-so-delicious with a side of baby potatoes.

The Duco menu also offers refreshing Cold Plates, marked by precision and crafted to challenge your palette. Try the piquant Red Snapper Ceviche, which comes with a delicate and citrusy Peruvian marinade called Leche de Tigre, the surprising Zucchini Crudo or the sprightly Spicy Salmon that’s paired with crispy rice, lime, sriracha and jalapeño. For heartier options, take a look at the sandwiches, which have everything from the Big Fat Duco— loaded with cream cheese, avocado & roasted veggies— to a Lamb Meatball sammich that comes with a crispy baguette. Or even, the juicy and unforgettable Pork Bahn Mi. The Large Plates’ on this menu is well-rounded too, with options that include Pollo Caldo—a hearty Mexican chicken spaghetti with cherry tomato, bokchoy & tomato broth—Roast Chicken with Peruvian Green Sauce; and a Pan-Seared Salmon with an intelligently spiced caper butter sauce.

Curated to excite your experimental parents or a fussy partner in equal measure, the menu is democratic and all-pervasive, like the larger ethos of Cafe Duco itself. Come take a seat or order in at the comfort of your home, because this one’s going to be a ride. 
Information :

Available on : Swiggy, Zomato and Thrive -
Address: Cafe Duco, Shop No. 2, Kalpitam Apartments, 16th Road, Pali Village, Khar West, Near Hawaiian Shack, Mumbai 400050
Time : 11:30 am to 11:30pm
Contact : +91 9137076462


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