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145 Kala Ghoda

145 Kala Ghoda " Vodka won't be the answer but it's worth a shot " 145 a place which I have been more than I have fingers on my hand. A place which I totally love and it's my go to place on weekends. They have a equally fantastic property in bandra Pali hill which is GodBingeOn and his gangs second home as we love it so much. The vibe is neat and the music is good. When I had the opportunity to visit the kala Ghoda outlet I was very excited and in my head I was trying to not compare it to the bandra one. As " You cannot love your one eye less ". The menu is 90% similar and the interiors are similar. They have a section where they serve sheesha also. The interiors are basic but neatly done up with alot of use of wood. It's a good place to chill over some chilled alcohol of your choice with screen all around you showing you IPL. The crowd is well filtered. It's a place where I would love to go after a hectic day at work for some chille
Madras Diaries. " Food for the body is not enough, There should be food for the soul " This place serves food which hit the right spot , the soul spot. Located neatly at water field road in bandra west they serve one of my favorite cuisine the south Indian cuisine. I had visited this place with my mom , who equally loves south Indian food. I was Soo happy seeing her enjoy the meal. it was my moment of victory. seeing your mom happy is the best thing and the only thing a son wants in his lifetime. Let's get back to discussing Madras diaries. It's a pure vegetarian place which serves authentic South Indian delicacies. it has two neat and cutely done sections. The AC section has a bit of a dim lighting with the interiors heavily expired by the south side of India. The outside section is colourful and vibrant with each table nicely spaced out giving you a good private experience The servers and the manager are dressed up well. The ambience is positive and


Rike Asians way of saying like since they can't pronounce the letter "L". " Did you rike the food ? " ( Random fact ) Rike is a rooftop bar and grill located at the hustle and bustle of Andheri West. Andheri West is an area which lives up to the popular phrase " Bombay is a city that never sleeps " Chef Azan who is the brain behind everything that goes in your mouth is really doing an excellent job in deliverying some real yummies which not only satisfys your eyes but also do a great job at satisfying your stomach. The cuisines that chef Azan and his team do at rike are Continental , Lebanese , north Indian , Mediterranean , European , Italian , pan Asian and asain. This is a place where I would love to go with my boys as they have a fully stocked bar , they hold live sport screenings , have board games to chill over , live music events and can smoke at the table. They have happy hours from 2pm to 6pm on weekdays. The following are thing that I


Nirvaan The Indian meaning of nirvaan is Bliss, liberation. Nirvaan is an Indian food delivery kitchen which solely concentrates on one of my favorite cuisine, the north Indian cuisine. They operate from Dalia estate near fun republic off andheri Link road , Veera Desai area. Andheri West. Trust me after the " Nirvaan " mean you will actually feel what the meaning of this place is. " Bliss " Normally delivery kitchen food is not what I like , as when the food is served hot and fresh that's when the real flavours and taste hits your soul, but this is not your usual delivery kitchen. They are the game changers of the delivery kitchen segment. The food they serve is something that not many well established places can match. The portion sizes are good for the price they offer. A family of 3 can sleep well if they order 2 main dishes and one starters with breads. The price is a bit on a higher side but quality always has a price and I'm sure no one wants to

Naan Stop Xpress.

Naan Stop Xpress. Naan Stop Xpress is an Express delivery and takeaway joint. Their idea behind it was to make Indian food fun-loving and healthy while little less cumbersome so that it relates with the younger generation as food that can be had anytime and on a go. Headed by Chef Deva who quit his job in a top five star of bombay to start his own baby. This is one place which I always stop by whenever Im in mahakali , chef Deva is very passionate about what he does , He loves making every bite you eat special. He loves seeing his creations make people happy. The Naan concept is a concept that many have tried but not all got it right. playing around naan, mix matching dishes around a concept of naan is not an easy job. But chef Deva aces at it. The Naan stop Xpress has two outlets. One in Mumbai Central and other in mahakali. This brand has something unique in them. I hope to see many more outlets all over bombay soon. The Following are the things I had and loved. - Methi Churan


Icekraft I remember waiting outside this outlet for 45 min just to try the black ice cream when it was launched and trust me it was worth the wait. Since then I have tried the black ice cream at many other places but what icekraft makes, that cannot be replicated. They serve magic in a cone / glass. I'm a regular at this place, I was maybe the first 100 customer to visit their first outlet. Since then they have taken off in a way that now they have 7 outlet in Bombay and many other outlets in different cities. Still they have maintained their quality and taste. So I heard icekraft has come up with the first selfie freak shake and I HAD TO TRY IT ASAP. so one night post work I planned to visit this place and check out everything new they have launched and I was pretty surprised as the gap between my previous visit and this visit was not more than 2 months and they had so many new things on their menu. Before I tell you what I ate I would like to tell you more about the place. T

Night Owl

Night Owl. " What would you like for dinner ? " - " Not, Thai Food " Said no one ever. Night owl is still a baby in the already populated delivery kitchen segment. A 8 month baby but a baby which with it's quality and quantity of food impressed GodBingeOn and his family. When a mother appreciate food from some other place other than her own kitchen then trust me it's good. like you don't even have to doubt it. my mom is a bigger critic than me , but as soon as she was done with the meal she just looked at me and " Vidur this was one dinner meal where I wish I had one more stomach as my stomach is full but I cannot stop having more " Night owl as the name is self explanatory is a delivery kitchen which serves food till late in the night , almost the morning. So they open their kitchen at 11am and full the shutter down at 4 Am all 7 days a week. The cuisines they play around with are Chinese , Asian and thai. When I read Thai my eyes just s

Over Load

OverLoad. As the name suggest, they literally overload you with food at a pocket friendly rate. it's a delivery kitchen which is still pretty new and young , it's just been 5 months since they have started serving the food which has love and Midas touch of Mrs Farida saroshian. The menu is constructed and all the recipes are by the owner Mrs Farida saroshian. she is from Iran , when I got to know that. I got excited and informed her that I'm a half parsi myself. I was excited to eat the food as I really wanted to have food which had an Iranian touch. when I was a kid I use to always run to my nani's place just to have Irani food. it's a cuisine which not many people in Bombay have got it right. BUT WAIT Mrs saroshian hits the right cord and how. To be honest I was not expecting the quality , quantity and taste which made my normal lazy Sunday into a perfect Sunday. overlaod plays around with four cuisines ( burgers , fast food , salad and Rolls ) Over a conversa


Hrezzo. Ghatkoper has always been "THE" Food hub of central Bombay and the best place to have food when it comes to street vegetarian food. Hrezzo is an extended cafe and a party hall located in vidyavihar, very close to the ghatkoper metro/railway station. The interiors are neatly and tastefully done up. its a big property ( 5000 Sq. Ft ) which has two party halls and one open air garden sitting. it's perfect for anyone who is looking for a casual party with some yummy food and non-alcoholic drinks. The cuisines they play around with are north indain , Chinese and Continental. They also serve vegan dishes, They have a separate Jain menu, which is the biggest Jain menu at offer in Bombay at the moment. The food is a modern take on Indian cuisine. The menu is set a very pocket friendly prices. The Following are the dishes and drinks I had 😎 Drinks - Bartender Classic Cocktail - Oreo Crunchy Mania ( Recommended ) - Saucy Caramello. Food - Paneer Piadina. Silken


Cocoamaya. "Desserts are like mistresses. They are bad for you. So if you are having one, you might as well have two." 5 years back Saki naka was a place where no one would go cause of the traffic, now has become a hub for co-orperate world and place for people to have good food and alcohol with good music playing. Cocoamaya a new addition to sakinaka, it's still a baby but a baby which has a potential to grow into something that is here to stay. The outlet is located in close to marol metro station and saki naka metro station. it's wakable from both the stations. When I entered the place i had no expectations as I wanted to go without any expectations cause I wanted to experience it without having a check list and I'm happy I decided to do this. As soon as I got off my car I noticed a cute small store which is neatly done up. As soon you enter your eyes would glow in happiness seeing yummy looking pastries and macroons all infont of you. The Following are t


KA.FE "Size doesn't matter. It's all about the heart." If I had to describe my experience in one line then this line is perfect. KA.FE ( Kitchen altering fuzion experience ) is a small cafe located walking distance from DN Nagar metro station, But a cafe which will give you an experience worth remembering and worth visiting again and again. " chota packet bada dhamaka " It's a small place but serves a variety of cuisines like Italian , Lebanese , middle eastern , Mexican , Indian , Continental to name a few. They have tried giving their twist to everything in the menu and surely they have more hits than misses , They have carefully created a menu which I hope flourishes in such a way that soon rather than having one cafe they turn into a chain of cafes. The owner rohit himself was helping me choose the right things according to my taste buds and recommended me few dishes which trust me were spot on. Hit the right note at every bite. The Following

The Parfait co.

The Parfait Co. " Ice cream solves everything " A parfait is " A rich cold dessert made with whipped cream, eggs, and fruit. " The love child of a french trained pastry chef, The Parfait Co. brings you unapologetic creamy , rich and indulgents french parfait. The parfait co. is a Bombay based dessert maker and manufacture , they offer a menu of twelve drool worthy flavours of French style parfait. The Parfait co. is the only brand in the world to serve packaged french parfait in the world. I'm not too fond of desserts but when it comes to ice cream ( except dark chocolate ) I can survive days on it. So I tried 5 flavours which I shall name and describe below. it took me exact 15 min to finish 5 cups of ice cream. Trust me they are the best I have ever had. Making a simple flavour like vanilla also taste something Soo good is an art and people at The Parfait co. are nothing less than artist. Every bite. Every scoop you have will take you on a journey which

The Post Office Bistro And Bar

The Post Office Bistro & Bar Vasai. A place people still consider a ' Gaon ' A place which is untaped and not explored by people as they have a perception " vasai itna duuur. kaun jayega ". Even I had it , but the glass of my assumptions were broken long back when I started working here. I'm a regular in vasai, I travel everyday to vasai as I work here. It gives me immense pride is showing or telling people who are not from here or don't come here often that how developed vasai has become. You have to visit it to believe it. The post office and bistro & bar is a place located near chimajiAppa ground , behind S T Depot , Vasai gaon. Whenever we travel abroad we Indians always say " ye india jaisa lagta he nahi ". same way when you enter this place you won't feel you are somewhere out of bombay. trust me I travel in and around bombay alot, but I have never seen some place as well decorated or the interiors sticking to the complete so apt


Hitchki Cut from the same cloth comes a new place from the hitchki franchise, located in the business capital of the city that never sleeps, BKC has many good and promising places to visit. Hitchki basically means hiccup and this hiccup was something which I shall recommend to everyone to experience. Hitchki is an eclectic restro-bar with offering that brings to you the best of both words in their own unique style. If anyone asked me to describe " Perfect " in one word I would say Hitchki. I recommend this place to many ppl who wish to have Indian cuisine with a twist and enjoy a great hospitality experience with perfect interiors and service. I have been to many places all over bombay, but never have I found a place which I have left thinking " wow this is an experience which I would like to have over and over again " So I had visited the powai outlet long time back and was mighty impressed by them, it is one of my favorite place to go for a meal or a drink i