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Awakening all five of your Senses, keiba presents a modern asian fare inspired by authentic traditions and recipes of the far east. This place is nothing less than Haven created in the heart of the city for expertly crafted, homegrown asian ingredients that are fused in both, food and drinks. The spacious outdoor and indoor seating areas, The well stocked bar and on point d├ęcor are eye catching as soon as you enter the world of keiba which exude warm vibe. The menu has something for every palate, there is a separate menu for vegetarian and Non-vegetarians. Keiba brings a new and exciting dinning experience with modern asian cuisine comprising authentic flavours and contemporary twists to the heart of Bombay, when a restaurant replaces the iconic olive at mahalaxmi racecourse, naturally one steps in with high expectations and boy oh boy keiba smashes your expectations and give you a food and hospitality journey that you will speak about for a really long time. So when I visite

Crafters tap house.

Crafters tap house.  Bombay, The city of dreams. The city that never sleeps is slowly yet steadily turning into a craft beer hub, the lastest addition to our city is crafters tap house which is located in the silicone valley of bombay, Hiranandani ( Powai ). As soon as you enter this posh interiors meets a easy vibe place you would notice how tastefully and brilliant this place has been designed, be it the wooden tables and chairs to marble tables and comfortable sofas next to massive marched windows overlooking a busy street.  I recently went there to try the special gin menu which was being served until the 8th June, with the world gin say soon approaching, Crafters tap house thought of doing a all weekend long celebration but introducing gin and tonic festival. But you don't need to feel bad if you din get the opportunity to experience the gin and tonic festival as at Crafters you can try out a variety of lagers, ales , what beers and stouts.  The name is derived from &

House of Lloyd.

House of Lloyd. Goa's popular restaurant opens in Bombay and is strongly reminiscent of a Portuguese Villa, the coveted Goan eatery has Lloyd and nerissa braganza at the helm, the duo who gave candolim house of llyod. When you enter, this place gives you a happy and positive vibe, house of Lloyd has Goa splattered across. The place has a simple and beautiful ambiance. The menu pays tribute to the dishes , flavours , ingredients and spirit of Goa. They serve Goan, seafood and barbecue delicacies and an array of drinks and spirit. The place is perfect to spend time with family of a romantic evening while enjoying good food and a beautiful view of Bombay. The place has been divided into two sections, the outdoor and indoor section are completely different and both sections have their own charm and vibe. The inside section transports you to Goa immediately, Mario Miranda illustrations or black and white pictures from the era gone by , everything around you makes you connect

The Cheaters

The Cheaters  With a vision to break the norm of cheating on your meals, the Cheaters has now opened its doors at The Orb, Mumbai The menu has a contemporary twist to the Classic American Bar and Grill, using unconventional ingredient & flavor combinations, the Cheaters brings people together to socialize and celebrate freedom and the joy of cheating.   With its quirky interiors and a fun ambiance, the Cheaters brings to you a splendid dining experience elevated by adding a touch of uniqueness.  With stimulating modern dishes, there’s a lot for your palate to discover. As far as the bar is concerned, you can expect the unexpected.  I was fortunate to visit them on the day they opened their doors to public. As soon as I entered I got a very good and easy vibe which to be honest you don't get everywhere easily. The menu is fairly varied with American dishes, as well as Mexican comfort food with the cheaters twist. The vegetarians have enough to choose from.  So wha

Nara - BKC

Nara Mumbai has a handful of restaurants dedicated to Thai Cuisine, Nara Thai is a specialty restaurant that provides a wide variety of thai and seafood dishes. Nara is located at the silicone valley of Bombay, Bandra Kurla complex. Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate and due to the close proximity to India and similar culture, we Indians have developed an affinity to the country and its cuisine. Representing a cuisine in India, especially in Bombay is not an easy task as we Mumbaikars are spoilt for choice, cause of the ever expanding restaurant scene. But once you have food at Nara you are sold to it for life. Every bite you take, gives you a sense of satisfaction that is measured to none. I have never been so lost for words when it comes to writing a review for a place I have visited. But you have to visit this place to understand what I mean when I say I'm lost for words! It's a food journey that cannot be compared to or written down in

Kebab Korner.

Kebab Korner. Years back when life was simple , hearts were full of hopes and mind full of dreams , pockets were always near-empty my parents who use to study in Jai Hind which is close to intercontinental use to sit at Marine drive and my father use to tell my mom " One day I would become rich and would take you for a meal at this hotel ". Many years have passed since and my father fullfil his promised and did more than he had promised. Now in 2019 as my mom sits on the table by the window and enjoys the Marine drive view and tells me her college stories while having a meal at kebab Korner a very special restaurant which has recipes of the dishes that are handed down through generations of family chefs. Since 1971 kebab Korner has been the most beloved and iconic India restaurant for the city of Mumbai. Continuing this legacy, their reinvented menu takes you on a culinary journey. This is a place for people who are specific about the excellent quality of food and se


Fuu Qin. A cool name , fun and interactive staff and millennial - friendly interiors is often where the innovation stops and comfort and happiness kicks in. " Your pleasure is all mine " is the first thing you notice as soon as you enter this newly launched eatery which calls itself a modernist canteen. Fuu Qin , is a modern cooking inspired food joint that nestled in a quaint settling amidst the bustling pathways of juhu, the interiors are an amalgamation of dewy pastels , millennial pinks , vibrant greens and subtle blues , every corner of this place is Instagram worthy. Fuu Qin comprises of cosy seating options and an open kitchen permitting the chefs to interact and the customers to enjoy the meal. The restaurant is designed with an aim to offer the best of personalised culinary experience to it's guest. The menu is smartly designed , so every table is given a sheet where you have to fill which things you wish to have. The menu consist of a host of sliders ,