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Dirty Buns

Dirty buns. Dirty buns, as the name suggest it's all about having fun with food, messier the food the better. This place is all about good vibes and comfort food. You can come wearing anything you wish to wear and enjoy your meal in this elegant yet minimalistic decor. As soon as you enter the big white doors of dirty buns you are welcomed in with old school hip-hop music playing in the background and the staff having a big bright smile on their faces. Chef boo, the man who is back in this city of dreams to achieve his dream of making people enjoy a meal which will make their hands dirty and their stomachs breath some happy and satisfactory breath. Dirty buns is a contemporary restaurant and bar where the focus is on the food. The flavours are bold, dramatic and unlike anything you've ever tasted. It's the perfect place to go wild, dirty buns features a tightly edited menu of the best rolls, baos and desserts you can ask for. Chef boo knows Bombay and it's vibe

The Big Asian Brunch

Treat yourself to an exquisite spread of Asian delicacies from across South East Asia at Pan Asian. Paired with premium beverages, the brunch dots the finest of the region. Complete the afternoon with a delectable dessert buffet at Catherine's. Restaurant: Pan Asian | Catherine's Date: Valid till August 2019 When: Every Sunday Brunch | 12.30pm to 03.45pm Price: Starting at 2750 plus taxes | Special offers for Club ITC Culinaire members

Plating Teppanyaki Traditions

Originated in Japan, and curated around the world, Chef Jerry translates the art of ‘grilling on an iron plate’ onto your platter. Indulge in a visual feast and enjoy a seamlessly crafted spectacle paired with premium beverages. Restaurant: Pan Asian Date: Till 28th July 2019 When: Dinner | 7pm to 11.45pm

Smoke House Deli.

Smoke House Deli. Smoke house deli. A popular cafe with many outlets across the city, in the horde of loud decors and bright eye-catching themes it is a pleasure to encounter a place that is known for it's delicacy and subtle elegance. It's not been long since smoke house deli came into Bombay culinary picture and has become the essential part of city food scene. It's the first choice of many when it comes to light effortless dinning experience with family, friends or a table for two. Smoke house deli Is an all-day cafe and delicatessen that offer everything from pancakes , pastas , pizzas to burgers. Current present in bandra Kurla complex and Pali hill, smoke house deli is one of the most distinct cafe experiences in India. Recently I visited their bkc outlet to experience their new healthy binge menu. There has always been a sense of self-deprivation attached to eating and living healthy and going out for a meal has always meant deviating from health goals. Im

Maharashtra Lunch Home.

 Maharashtra Lunch Home.  Having craving for some home cooked Maharashtrian food? Maharashtra lunch home is here to fulfil it. They serve some amazing thali and wide options to choose from. The quality and the quantity is perfect for a good meal.  Amidst the hustle bustle of Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra Lunch Home is a delightful casual dining that will amuse you. With an outspread menu that is fairly priced, It's definitely worth a visit more than once. Visit here in the company of friends and family for lip smacking food and some fun times. The ambiance is very cozy and neat, the service is always pretty quick and the servers are polite and helpful.  So what all did I have ?  • Paneer Lahori kebab.  • Vegetarian thali - bharli wangi masala, sukki bhaji, pithla vati, dal, 2 chapati, biryani rice , sweet dish and dahi Kanda  • Chicken thali - Chicken varhadi , chicken fry , chicken bhoona, 2 chapati, thambda pandhra rassa , biryani rice and dahi Kanda )  Th

The Fatty Bao.

The Fatty Bao. The Fatty bao, a place which has been part of my to go dinning place whenever im craving asian cuisine , the fatty bao is a casual dinning restaurant and gastro-pub that is a master at serving asian and Japanese cuisine. I was recently there to experience their new monsoon menu. The restaurant is for diners who are in love with this popular cuisine that people have been binging on since a while. The food and service at fatty bao makes sure that the diner returns back and vouch for the place not only of the quantity and taste of the food it serves but also for the creative ambiance the place holds. The menu is decently priced and the bar is well stocked with all the spirits you want to push down your body. The servers really help you decide what you should try which makes your dinning experience very special. So what all did I have ? - Chicken dumpling with smoked tofu and kimchi - Cuttlefish, prawns and red jalapeno dimsum. - Fried prawns and garlic roll

Kale & Kaffe.

 Kale & Kaffe. Kale and kafe, a restaurant in the bylanes of bandra West. It's a restaurant that serves healthy dishes, they promise a unmatched , keto friendly and satisfying experience. In a bid to bring healthy and satisfying meals during busy hustling in Mumbai, they have opened their second outlet. What's different in this outlet menu compared to the Andheri West one ? Their you have Superbowl menu and additional keto dishes designed by top nutritionist, which offers to you a wide range of salutary meal options Every each has it's nutritional value mentioned below its name, which helps the guest keep their calories in check. Which is very important these days as everyone is getting health consious. So while was searching for something good to eat and at the same time healthy I came accross this place, I had tried they're food at their Andheri West outlet and was pretty impressed with it. So I was excited to try and see if this outlet has the same magi
Baraanaa - World cocktail bar & kitchen.  Atria mall is steadily becoming into a hot-spot for several new restaurants and bars. Newest to the list is baraanaa - world cocktail bar, a new bar which was to draw in the sobo crowd with drinks inspired by different countries.  Recently I visited this place with one of my friend as she wanted to try this new place as it has been making many heads turned with their innovative tipples with a curated cocktail menu and a snazzy bar. The vibe is eclectic and like many other places in bombay this place also shifts from an all-day lounge to a nightclub by evening.  While the food menu offers mix of Indian and international dishes, the bar menu's highlight is 20 cocktails inspired by different countries. We were pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant stay true to it's name, the cocktail menu and the cocktails itself were nothing less than magnificent.  The interiors are well-lit with aesthetic design elements which give t

Kangan - The Westin Mumbai Garden City.

Kangan - The Westin Mumbai Garden City.  Just off the western Express highway, in the heart of the business hub of goregaon east, stands the Westin Mumbai Garden City. What's unique about this hotel is that it begins from the 18th floor and continues upwards.  Kangan is located at the 18th floor, Kangan Is the Indian the Indian fine dinning restaurant located at Westin Mumbai , the view is something that is a study in contrast, on one end you can see the blazing light trails and the other the serene hills of powai and Sanjay Gandhi national park.  Kangan has carved a place for itself in the hearts of people and is a specialty restaurant that is for people who crave for different Indian dishes paired up with some lovely collection of drinks. The rich aroma and flavours of the dishes go well with the royal and romantic ambiance.  Recently I was there to indulge myself in a gastronomic sojourn to the land of nawabs - lucknow with authentic awadhi cuisine specially curated by