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Juliette: Birth of a new romance, an epicurean love affair of great food & fine cocktails

When William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” he surely wasn’t referring to the new Andheri eatery aptly named Juliette Ristorante. Juliette, with a fantastically curated inspired European menu with a modern twist, is bringing us all kinds of European summer vibes and feels as they open their doors this week. Located in Andheri, right next to Yazu, this modern European dining is the ideal setting for you to engage in sweet encounters that transform into a one-of-a-kind gastronomical adventure as you savour and enjoy some redesigned Western and Mediterranean delights sealed with artistic culinary skills. Juliette offers the same hospitality experience as Yazu and is owned by the hospitality veterans that own the upscale progressive dining Pan Asian Supper Club. Created to provide a consumer with the ideal all-around experience as a centre for all occasions. Laying the foundation with the same seeds, Enso Hospitality's partners Gurmeet Arora, Atul Chopra, and Ranbir Nagpal hav


Oye Kake, a home away from home, a household name that serves you the delectable northern cuisine and makes your homesick heart feel at ease. Making a place for themselves in the “Vegetarian Punjabi Food” space for almost a decade, with three outlets strategically placed in the heart of Mumbai city- Fort & Lower Parel and Ghatkopar - this is the perfect place for you to experience the rich flavours of Punjab. Like all other religions, Sikhism shares a divine philosophy of making the world a better place. Sevā in Sikhism is a concept of selfless service performed without any expectation of result or reward for it, these services are performed to benefit other human beings or the society. The communities around the globe have been seen reflecting on the same. Sharing the divine mindset of ‘Service’ and ‘Giving Back to Society’- in honour of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan and Sikhs, Oye Kake introduces the Seva Thali campaign to raise meals for the needy every Thursday (dedicated to th


Take a step away from the sand and enjoy the tranquillity of the monsoon season, as you indulge in Portuguese delish. Witness something magical in every bite, each ingredient narrating a story of its own, and find solace under the divine roof of the 120-year-old Villa serving comforting monsoon specials that’ll warm your heart and keep your soul lit with soothes of unique desserts. The inspirations and the blends of unique spices and masalas brought together onto your plate will forge an unforgettable memory in your mind. Unwind into the flavours of fresh recipes that embody the soul of Goa with melodious rain drops echoing in the backyard, locally sourced and authentically made there’s more than what meets the eye at MAAI. Making your monsoon memorable, the culinary experts at Maai have curated a seasonal special menu to give its visitors a complimenting experience with the cozy weather. Keeping in touch with the theme of the place MAAI meaning motherland, the monsoon specials have

SMOOR opens its first signature café in Mumbai, introducing the city to pure artistry and craftsmanship in cakes, desserts, chocolates and more.

SMOOR, a leading Bangalore-based luxury chocolate brand that crafts the ultimate indulgence experience with couverture chocolates, opens its very first stand-alone store and cafe in Bandra West this week. The new café, which is their first signature café in Mumbai, will offer the finest range of unique couverture chocolates, cakes, pastries, desserts, macarons, and a lot more. Uniquely crafted and made from real and authentic ingredients and concocted by master chocolatiers from around the world, SMOOR's expansive variety of goodies are exquisitely packaged to delight everyone. The café offers unique Chocolate tasting experiences for customers to know what true couverture chocolate is. Exclusive on their list is their range of Indian origin artisanal chocolates, as the ‘Bean to Bar’ concept gains popularity internationally and the southern part of India is a major chocolate producer with the climatic conditions being conducive for chocolate production. Speaking on the milestone, Vi

Beco Created A Digital IP Of Dia Mirza Using AI For Sending Real-Time Messages To Consumers

With a mission to promote eco-conscious living and inspire the creation of a more environmentally-safe culture, India's first natural home-care brand, Beco, created a digital IP of Dia Mirza, with and devised real-time campaigns with Webengage. Dia Mirza also represents as a brand ambassador and investor at Beco. By implementing artificial intelligence, Beco let’s customers experience real-time, personalized messages and helps in building a community for them. “Customer experience has always been at the forefront for Beco. With, we innovated the way customers engage with our brand by creating the first ever digital avatar of a celebrity to send hyper-personalised real-time messages. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re just getting started” - Aditya Ruia, Co-Founder, Beco “Beco has always pushed the boundaries, we thought no differently when it came to communication. Tech & creativity are no longer exclusive as we enter the era of Web 3.0

Monsoon just got hotter with the newest collab in town; Wonder Foods & Farms X Naagin Sauce!

With the season of monsoon in full swing, we’re getting all kinds of new goodies out! Prepare to get through the monsoon with a spicy twist, unlike any other, all thanks to the newest dip at Wonder Foods & Farms, made in collaboration with Naagin Sauce. Painstakingly made with freshly peeled garlic, lemon juice and subtle hints from our fan-favourite Smoky Bhoot hot sauce - Naagin x Wonder foods & Farms collaboration, is nothing if not tons of flavour! The Garlic, Lime and Bhoot dip is the perfect condiment to pair with your favourite rolls, sandwiches, breadsticks and more. The flavours are salty, tingling, and tangy, with a very mild charge of heat at the finish, starting with a dash of the characteristic flavour and aroma of garlic that trickles down to the back of your tongue before the hints of lime tickle your taste buds at the front. This instant upgrade finds its place in every snacking or party spread. Now you can kick your food up a notch the next time you've g