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Imperial China. "He who asks is a fool for 5 minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." Tell me a Saturday night better spent than experiencing the Indonesian skewers food festival at Hilton. The Name. The Place which oozing class. As soon as you enter the hilton gate and look up your eyes will smile in happiness. The interiors are inspired by 19th century summer palace. Hilton one of the world's largest and fastest growing hospitality companies. 14 brands. 106 countries. 5300+ hotels worldwide. The brand was started by Conrad Hilton when he brought " The Mobley " a hotel in cisoco, Texas in 1919. Hilton is going to complete 100 years of existence next year. Imperial China is a Chinese restaurant inside Hilton which is stone throw away from both the domestic and internation airport in Bombay. This restaurant offers mouth watering Chinese cuisine with classy ambience, imperial China is a fine dinning space which is topped up by courteous

South High.

South High. “The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating” Namaskaram. That's the first word you hear as soon as you enter a restaurant which has varied colours and decor elements with soft unplugged music playing. Welcome to the world of South Indian food with a twist. It's a gastro darshini by the day and a cafe bar by the time the sun goes down and the sky turns dark. What's that one things that won me over ? South Indian cuisine is something I have grown up eating and totally love it. It's my comfort food. Normally when I visit a place I do my little research and then visit. But surpringly I din get time to read and research about this place. I just wokeup one day craving for South Indian food. So long story short I opened zomato and cake accross this new place. It's was my " WHAAAAATTTT ARE YOU SERIOUS " moment when I opened the menu and saw that they serve prawns dosa , chicken dosa, mutton dosa to name a few. So I hav


Tamasha. " You don't need a silver fork to eat good food " The first thing you notice as soon as you enter the world of tamasha is the size of the place. The broad and vibrant place with dreamy lights and magic in the air. The second thing you will notice is the vibe. It gives you a very all-day restaurant bar feel, a feel that is better experienced than being read about. So as soon as you enter the big door of the world of tamasha you will notice a big. Well stocked bar being guided by the familiar row of Edison bulbs above you on the ceiling. The place is mixed of two types of tables. The normal seating and the high chair and tables with unique signs on the table. The interiors are done up tastefully, it oozes class and youth at the same time gives your nerves a happy shot of excitement. What's unique about this place ? It can be used to host a good cooperate lunch in the day and an EDM Dj can belt out some crazy tracks at night. It's a perfect com