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Ishaara. Ishaara, No words just signs. Actually that's the only way of placing your order at Ishaara " Idhar ishaaro mea he baat hoti Hain ". A unique dining experience in Mumbai. The service staff has speech and hearing impairment here but they are far superior when it comes to doing there job right. Patrons are welcomed at the door by a dost who explains how the restaurant works. With beautiful interiors and efficient service, this is hands down gonna become the crowd favorite. Their menu is panned across various cuisines. Pick anything off the menu and you are sure in for a delight. The drinks menu here needs special mention as it's very thoughtfully planned and successfully executed. Design wise, ishaara is an abstract take on plush tropical trees illuminated the restaurant, coupled with the minimal intervention of metal and concrete on the bar and counters. The furniture is made up of teak wood and natural veneers. At first all I noticed were the interio

All stir fry

All Stir Fry. All stir fry captures the spirit of the street kitchens of the orient. All stir fry us a wonderful casual dinning restaurant located in waterstones hotel, Andheri East. The ambiance is spectacular in terms of decor and seating. The outside seating is Serene and allows you to wind down completely. All stir fry is a specialty restaurant that serves delicious dishes from the far east, know for their scrumptious food, You can relish dishes from Thai, Japanese and Chinese Cuisines which the chefs make from freshest and finest ingredients. As we millennials say " What pleases the eyes , shall please the stomach " the dishes are not just a treat for your taste buds but also for your eyes as the presentation of each dish is like a work of art. As soon as you enter this restaurant which is surrounded with  greenary you will fall in love with the restaurant interiors, it's modern and chic and the Stark white furniture adds a sense of calm and serenity to the pl