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Spain's Salami, UK's Bacon, Australian Mulwarra (Lamb) &, Italy’s Hams and Salami and much more - Sweet Stuff Is Your One-Stop Gourmet Food Shop Delivering Pan India!

Sweet Stuff Gourmet Foods brings to your homes, the world's finest Meats, Seafood, Cheeses and so much more, to keep that cooking storm whirling! Helmed now by an enterprising mother-daughter duo, Manjul Sandhu (CEO) and her daughter Suchi Sandhu (Managing Director), Sweet Stuff has been an endeavor since 1990, born out passion for incredible food and service by a one- woman army; Manjul Sandhu. The slowly growing team, saw rapid growth through immense hard work and a commitment to provide unique gourmet goods to the Indian market. The company has since been recognized as one of the most preferred importers and distributors for the leading international gourmet brands dealing in frozen meats, cold cuts, cheese and seafood. “My love for exploring different food has driven and helped me to share the experience of quality food. The art of procuring and processing a particular kind of meat or cheese is done with skill, hard work and care. Hence, our motto is to honor the quality of th

All good Goan things come in a package of three

Did you finally get that permission for your dream trip to Goa? Are you sitting at your desk on a Monday morning, already planning the weekend getaway to Goa? Can’t stop thinking about the beautiful beaches, the sound of the waves crashing, and savoring the scrumptious Goan cuisine? This time, satisfy all your cravings and desires by including these top 3 items in your Goa itinerary. MAAI- Newly opened in Assagaon, Maai Goa is the epitome of staying true to one's roots. Maai meaning motherland is inspired by the artisanal flavors of the motherland and its menu – a delectable mix of the Goan and Portuguese flavors on a plate reflect the same. The food menu at Maai is a delicious mix of small plates and curries each of which celebrates the delicate flavors of Goa and every dish is well-thought-out and curated, keeping the heritage in mind, and thereby forming a masterpiece on your plate. If you truly want to divulge in the fine culture of Goa, MAAI Inspired Sunday Brunches is whe

Sleeep by ITC Hotels - Story of Sleeep Boutique

ITC Hotels’ Sleep journey commenced in an endeavour to provide better quality of sleep as part of our holistic well-being approach & thereby enhancing the guest stay experience. In line with our ethos of Responsible Luxury, it is our responsibility to ensure that guests experience sound sleep in the luxurious environs of our rooms while staying at ITC Hotels. Over two decades of experience backed by extensive research on the Science of Sleep has helped us in our endeavor to enhance sleep comfort in our hotel rooms. SLEEEP ENSEMBLE The ‘Sleeep Ensemble’ is available as an in-room amenity for our premium ITC One & above room categories, at all our Luxury Collection hotels. It consists of a Pillow Menu, Sleep Menu, Sleep Booklet, Eye Mask, Pillow Mist for Sound Sleep and Essential Oils for relieving stress. The Pillow menu has a selection of 9 pillows to choose from which provide greater personalized comfort for our guests whilst the Sleeep Menu is a curated menu to enable a good

Tackle the heatwave of summer with cooler refreshments and stunning desserts!

Poult- Bubble Tea from Poult doesn’t look more authentic than the ones you find in the streets of Bangkok. Bubble Teas are a tea-based drink that is sometimes accompanied by milk. It is then topped with tapioca balls also known as boba and sometimes they also use jelly as a topping! This is the perfect fun drink to wash out that summer heat. Few Bubble Teas are Kiwi, Raspberry, and Peach. Instagram: Flax – introduces several smoothie and smoothie bowls that are filled with antioxidants and nutrients which keep you going through this scorching heat. A sip of this and you will be rejuvenated to march through this heat. Keeping the sugar at the minimum and using only natural sugars helps keep the body moving and keeps you fresh! The smoothie bowls and smoothies are Mocha Smoothie Bowl, Green Power Smoothie, Ageless Smoothie, Nutriboost Smoothie, Tropical Smoothie, and many many more. Website: Instagram: https://www.insta