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TASTE OF TURKEY – Kyma launches a Turkish Food Festival as an ode to the scrumptious delicacies of Turkey

The month of October is a significant one in Turkey as they gear up to celebrate their Republic Day on October 29 – a date when Turkey became an independent republic – but this year is even more historic as they celebrate their 99th Republic Day! The month of October, therefore, is an important one and full of celebrations galore which means lots of Turkish treats! If you are in the mood for some of that, Kyma at One BKC in Mumbai is bringing you the Taste of Turkey for the entire month of October with the Turkish Food Festival. With an ode to the dynamic and delicious dishes from Turkey, this culinary festival is specially designed to celebrate the fabulous and diverse range of Turkish food, irrespective of whether you’re a stick-to-what-you-like type or a culinary adventurist. Kyma not only exudes ambiance and culture but also delivers appetizing Asian and Mediterranean dishes, along with a mammoth cocktail bar where delicious cocktails are concocted. To add a cherry on top of a

JIA: The Oriental Kitchen opens its doors in Colaba at a new location, with a brand new delic-Asian menu

In Mandarin ‘JIA’ means ‘family.’ And rightly so, JIA, the quaint and aesthetically pleasing independent restaurant, determined to take you and your loved ones on an exquisite journey filled with flavoursome dishes and celebrating its customer’s meaningful milestones, is all set to open its doors to all the foodies out there. With its sophisticated and quaint setting, the elegant, 7-days-a-week establishment is gearing up to alter the dynamics of the way both locals and visitors across the globe choose to spend their outings in a well-versed, fun-filled and scrumptious manner. From the kitchen comes a memorable feast of spectacular cuisines, all created with passion, refinement, and precision. At the helm of all these culinary affairs are Asian affiocanados Neville and Michelle Vazifdar, founders of Royal China and Kuai kitchen who launched JIA with a vision of entering the pan-asian dining segment and merging Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. “When we started Royal China, we


The heritage pathways and the golden sands of the Juhu locality have been no stranger to some of the most memorable moments and spots that give this beloved uber-cool suburb its legacy reputation. The brand new up-and-coming and one-of-a-kind casual dining and bar space called ‘One8 Commune’ is all set to open its doors for its patrons, but make no mistake, this is not just your regular restaurant, but a place that makes you feel a sense of belonging to a community. Every one8 Commune property is designed specifically for its context. The city, the surroundings, the people. That being said, the restaurant is an homage to the late Kishore Kumar. Located at his old house, it celebrates the pluralism and humanism that being in the "commune" implies. It's a space for everyone, to relax, chill, hang out and just unwind, and is literally designed with a "homely" yet elegant social vibe. It is helmed by the former captain of the Indian Cricket team Virat Kohli. The