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Hemant Oberoi.

Hemant Oberoi.  As soon as I entered the big door of hemant oberoi I felt nervous and happy at the same time as I'm going to experience the food made by the master himself.  The man who introduced Indian diners to cuisines from across the world, His knives have carved the evolution of the culinary industry in India.  When you are handed over the menu and turn open, the first page says  " In culinary arts , experience is my medium and passion is myuse, and the ingredients compose it's butterfly wings. Every piece I make is eaten with equal joy as a painting brings.  My canvas is a white plate with rims of gold and when I paint , spices add the colour truffles , herbs and falvoured oils but what is a masterpiece , if not to savour - Chef Hemant oberoi " Hemant Oberoi is a fine dinning restaurant located in Bandra Kurla complex which is the business capital of Bombay.  The place has a fine and elegant ambiance and offers a menu that takes

Novotel Imagica

Recently I stepped into a magical world of joy and laughter at Novotel imagica khopoli, it's located amidst the scenic mountains of khopoli and offers elegantly dessigned stylish rooms.  The property offers premium meeting room facilities, All day dinning options , a swimming pool , gymnasium, easy access to both the perks to name few. It's a perfect family holiday destination near mumbai and Pune.  Recently I visited this beautiful property for a night to experience their Christmas cake mixing session. It was a fun session where Executive Sous Chef Lokesh Jarodia with few hotel guest did a fun session of cake mixing.  So my journey to this magical world started at 9.00 Pm . Day One - Checked in at the Novotel imagica property was welcomed by Mr India and his friends. - Got my room keys. Entered this beautiful pool facing room whose interiors were pretty well done up. Freshen up and headed to the square to have a lunch which my stomach enjoyed alot . - The

Saptami - Holiday In.

Saptami - Holiday In. Saptami. It means the seventh day of the fortnight in handy lunar calendar. Saptami Is one of the best fine dinning resto cafes in the city. Located at lobby level of holiday in sakinaka. Saptami is a place for people who are very specific about the fine quality of food and service. A peaceful and cozy ambiance with modern cutting edge decor surely makes your visit worthwhile. When I got the opportunity to visit and experience this place they had the " Sham e awadh " festival which had chef Arif Qureshi who is from the famous Qureshi clan of Lucknow blessing our plate and stomach with some very yummy and rich in taste food. Saptami is a contemporary multi-cuisine all day dinning restaurant which offers breakfast , lunch and dinner apart from the elaborate a la carte menu. So what all did I eat at " sham e awadh " festival ? - Mashir Dum - Tangdu lassoni - shahi mutton nihari - Dum ka murgh - Dum ki maachi. Overall it was a

K Bhagat Tarachand

K Bhagat Tarachand. 5 to a place which is in a food court of a mall ? Surprising ? I'm sure it is, As even I was surprised by the food, It's taste , it's quality and the quantity compared to the price they offer at. K bhagat tarachand is not some ordinary name when it comes to the food side, It's not one of the leading but The leading brand which has been ruling hearts and pleasing stomachs of people since last 123 years. Yes 123 years, Can you imagine a place. A brand which has been in the market since more than the number you can count without fumbling or missing a number. You don't survive in the food market until and unless you are something special. K bhagat tarachand is the place to go to for vegetarian food lovers. They have 4 outlets in Bombay. I visited the nariman point one as I had gone for a movie, while getting down I saw K bhagat tarachand name in the food court and I was like " let's have a meal which I shall remember for a real long


GayLord. A place which oozes class and gives you the legendary vibe as soon as you step into the place which is nothing less than a jewel of Bombay. Gaylord is ruling the hearts and pleases the stomach since 1956. It's not one of the oldest but the oldest restaurant which is still going very strong. As soon as you step into Gaylord you will feel the difference between the old world charm and the new mordern interiors. Gaylord has kept the interiors. The plating everything the same. They have not evolved with the trend. Sometimes not following the trend is a good thing. Gaylord is a casual dining restaurant which serves north indian, Continental and European delicacies. This is one place which I'm sure has had 3-4 generation to come and experience the food and on point service. So wanna know what all I ate ? ° Appetizer - Fish Finger and chips - Murgh Gilafi Seekh - Kulhar Ki Tangdi - Blue cheese naan and kaali Dal ° Mains - Chicken Ala kiev - Chicken Port