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Mango Season Is Here- Favourite Desserts at House of Amel By Sanah Ahuja

The mango season is officially here and what better than the taste of the summer favourite to satiate your taste buds. Presenting House of Amel by Sanah Ahuja, a contemporary take on comforting baked classics. Versatile yet individualistic, Amel's exquisite range is conceptualised to give every ingredient the attention it deserves. Inspired by the ever-evolving journey of desserts, it encompasses intricate flavours to capture the essence of every era, while re-imagining them in a way that’s futuristic and chic.The Mango Edit is refreshing, vibrant & super delicious, where Alphonso mangoes are the hero in every dessert! SUNSHINE (eggfree) The House of Amel presents Sunshine, our take on the classic flavor pairing of Mangoes & Cream. Almond streusel, coconut dacquoise, in-house mango confiture, all brought together with a lightly whipped mango mousse & adorned with gorgeous mangoes. The bold & vibrant flavours of mangoes & cream are characteristic of Amel's