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Hotel Orritel

Hotel Orritel Talegaon. " Never judge a book by its cover " This was told to me all my life but it really made sense once I went to hotel Orritel Talegaon. The Building from outside does not look that appealing but once you enter the gates you would be surprised by how good the place has been done up. I was in talegaon for a work visit, it was my first time in talegaon and I had assumed that it would be a small underdeveloped place with nothing much to do. But but but I was surprised to see how beautiful and peaceful the place is. As soon as I entered my room and opened the windows I could see pretty green landscapes till my eyes could reach. Hotel Orritel Talegaon is 20-25 away from lonavala and pretty close to Pune also. It's a 4 star deluxe business hotel. They have three category of rooms. - Executive ( 98 rooms ) - Executive suite ( 12 rooms ) - Duplex ( 2 rooms ) They have many facilities like - Absolutely hassle free check in and check out proces

The road had the lonely times, but I kept myself busy.

Bedse Caves Ancient Buddhist Heritage So over the weekend I traveled to talegaon, It's located 20 minutes away from lonavala and close to Pune as well. I was staying at orritel talegaon and they helped me explore the soooo underrated talegaon. So my first stop on my mission "explore talegaon" was this Bedse Caves. Bedse Caves are a group of Buddhist rock-cut monuments situated in Maval taluka, Pune District, Maharashtra, India. The history of the caves can be traced back to the Satavahana period in the 1st century BCE. As they say " The road which is hard always leads to something special " There are many stairs to climb but it's worth the effort. I being a Bombay guy don't get to enjoy the silence and greenery on a daily basis, So while I was climbing I could feel my soul enjoying the peace and silence and my lungs breathing some fresh and pure air. It was a good detox for my mind and body.  Talegaon is an hidden gem which should not be hidden

Tafoon Bar & Kitchen.

Taftoon Bar & Kitchen. Taftoon is a persian origin word which is derived from the word " Tafan " which means heating or burning. Flour , Saffron and cardamom infused freshly leavened bread in a small bakeries scattered across Kabul to kolkata - Taftoon. Taftoon is an odd to the flavours of the grand trunk road, the northern axis of the Indian subcontinent from the 16th century. It is an exploration of authentic recipes recreated for the moder day. Have you ever had a feeling where you found the food Soo good that you wanted to kiss the chefs hands and thank him for blessing you with such a wonderful and on point meal. Yes that's what happened with me at Taftoon. The interiors are well done up. It oozes class and richness. The well spaced out tables. The polite and helpful staff certainly made my experience worth remembering for a really long long time. Taftoon is located in the business capital of the city BKC. BKC now has alot of new and interesting plac

Drunken Monkey.

What Makes It Awesome? Drunken Monkey sounds like a place which serves alcohol but on the flip side, it's an eatery that serves healthy juices, food, and shakes. I was in Thane waiting for my friend so I decided to take a stroll, seeing what's new in the area and that's when I came across this cute little place. It's small but certainly has cute interiors. I entered the place with a thought of grabbing a quick bite but ended up having more than I planned - Chicken Tikka sandwich and Nutella sandwich. Had some unique and smooth shakes as well - Nutella Meal, Cheesecake shake, Oreo red velvet shake, and Pomegranate Magic. While you wait for your order, you can spend that time playing some board games with your friend{s}. Oh, and they play good music.