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Maffy's - Pan Arabian Bistro.

Maffy's - Pan Arabian Bistro.  The South Bombay neighborhood gets a little closer to West asia with the opening of a new sea facing restaurant which offers succulent treats from Arabian and middle eastern cuisines.  Maffys is named after a fictional character who travels all around the world from India. When you open the menu you will read this stories and how much he loves the lands of Mediterranean from which he just returned with a treasure trove of intriguing stories of his adventures. He goes ahead and tells about his journey and the bustling lanes of Istanbul to the markets of Damascus , at the soul of Marrakesh and at the ever busy streets of Jeddah, how he experienced new flavours and impeccable taste. The eatery and it's decor are inspired by it's owners travel experiences.  Located on the ground floor of the sea palace hotel , the place as soon as you enter gives you a positive vibe. The interiors take you on a trip to West asia , the artwork of monuments

Soda Bottle Opener Wala.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala.  An amalgamation of an Irani cafe and a parsi home, That's what soda bottle opener Wala is according to me. It's a vibrant place with eclectic decor offers a menu which is familiar yet innovative. I come from a family who once owned an Irani cafe so when I entered this place it reminded me of the time when I use to visit my grandfather in his cafe.  The seating area is spacious and offers ample scope for privacy too. Several dishes here hold a special place in my heart, basically this place gives you an experience of a concept that is unique to India , it's a dying legacy of the wonderful chaotic bustling and colourful world of an Irani Cafe.  I remember my grandfather telling me stories of how he came to India from Iran and started the cafe , the Irani cafe culture came to India with the Persians back in the late 1950s. At one time Bombay was filled with Irani cafes now gradually the tradition of such cafes died down due to the foray of fa

Masala Library

Masala Library. " We serve memories, not just food " - Jiggs Kalra. Masala library, a place which justifies it's name by it's apt addition of spices and flavours to the recipes that make them more savoury and delectable. The cuisine served at masala library is a journey where you can experience over four decades of research and exploration that Mr Jiggs kalra did across various Indian kitchen. The philosophy adapted in the menu revolves around progressive Indian cuisines. With every dish that comes on your table you can experience the diversity of traditional Indian fare combined with progressive presentation , vibrant colours and captivating blend of flavours. Mr Jiggs Kalra who is fondly known as the czar of Indian cuisine , he has been instrumental in setting standards for Indian cuisine globally for which he has been critical acclaimed and has been an recipient of numerous accolades and internation awards for excellence. So the chefs at masala library

The Bawa Kitchen.

The Bawa Kitchen. The name would make you feel that this place might be a parsi cuisine delivery kitchen but sorry to disappoint you it does not have any of the parsi dishes. But the cuisines they play around with which are north Indian , Chinese , mughlai and continental they pretty much excel and give you a lovely food journey. So the brand already has 3 outlets ( vile parle , juhu and khar ) and they are soon opening up on more in dadar. So let's talk a bit about the food and the brand whose food I and my family really enjoyed yesterday. So in the ever expanding segment of delivery kitchens in Bombay, This brand is here to stay forsure. I have usually not had the best of experiences with delivery kitchen as I like my food being served hot, fresh and the packing shall be neat and clean. One of my friend suggested me this brand as he was pretty impressed with the quantity and quality of food that they offer and at the price they offer. Price point is very important wh

February 30.

February 30. February 30, a new bar located at oshiwara, Andheri. As soon as I stepped out of my car I was already excited by just seeing the exterior of the place. Such tastefully done up. As soon I entered the place I noticed the interiors and was very impressed. The place offers an exotic twist to your usual dining experience without compromising on the delicious flavours and fantastic vibe that this place gives you while you are sitting. The place is divided into two sections. The outdoor has few tables and hight chair sitting which are pretty neatly spaced out. The indoor has a full stocked bar and good sitting. The outside section looks simpler and feels comfortable while the inside section radiates a magnificent aura with unmatched elegant design. Their food menu has everything from vegetarian and non vegetarian treats to Jain , vegan , keto and gluten free variation of dishes. the all encompassing menu has a lot to offer for each and everyone. For starters, the ‘Amus


Jumjoji - The Parsi Diner.  " Jamva Chalo Ji " as a noted community philosopher once proclaimed , the answer to everything in life is contained in those three eternal words.  Jumjoji is a casual speciality restaurant that has a very comfortable seating and the menu comprises of authentic and yummy parsi dishes that you will relish.  I'm a half parsi, so I have been a regular eater of parsi cuisine. I have had the cuisine at many places, the most authentic parsi food you get is at the parsee weddings and their other ceremony. The taste and the flavours of the food served at jumjoji are exactly like that.  I had taken my mom for a meal as it was navroz ( new year for parsi community ) she was so impressed by the authenticity and the flavours that she herself for the first time told the manager and the servers that this is the best parsi meal I have had after my own mom's food.  The place is great for a wholesome meal with friends and family. The service is


Gustoso. Gustoso a place which has become a synonymous with authentic Italian cuisine. It's a find dinning restaurant with the menu crafted specially to bring the soul of italy to the heart of Bombay. This speciality gourmet Italian restaurant captures the energy and vibe of italy through it's well curated food and bar menu. The interiors are very sober but elegant. There's place for everyone and food for every palate, it's an ideal place to enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner or enjoy a fun family dinner, There are multiple seating option. So I visited this place with my mom as she really wanted to enjoy a good Italian cuisine dinner meal , as soon as you enter from the traffic noise which surrounds Bombay and enter gustoso, you will instantly feel the calmness in your soul. The dim lighting and the simple but elegant interiors really make you feel at ease. The staff are very welcoming and have a bright smile on there faces always. Seeing happy people aroun