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India Bistro.

India Bistro. Tell me one person in this world who does not enjoy north indian food. There is food that touches your stomach. There is food which touches your heart. Then there is food that touches your soul , North Indian food is the cuisine which touches the soul and how. So recently I was chilling in thane and was craving some delicious north Indian cuisine. One of my friend told let's go to India bistro as he is a regular in their chembur outlet. So when we went we noticed that there is a festival going on. Clay Pot food festival at India Bistro will take you back to roots. India Bistro is known for exotic Indian cuisine from their region of origin, with a modern touch. India bistro is currently hosting Clay Pot food festival. Around 13 dishes are being made and served in Clay Pots, just like the way our ancestors used to cook in good old days. It is a slow process but worth the wait because of the aroma and mouthwatering taste. Let’s go back to a natural, cleaner and

China Bistro

China Bistro. So recently I was chilling in town with a friend and was craving some nice Asian food. So as any other foodie would do I logged onto zomato and searched what's good around. So I bumped into this place. As soon as I entered I could feel that im going to experience something worth taking back home. China Bistro is the place where they take you on a culinary journey through the kitchen of China and other pan Asian countries to unravel the mystery of age old recipes. China bistro is well known for serving some of the best pan Asian delicacies from Thailand , china and many more Asian countries. This is place is perfect for people who look for different flavours of asian cuisines along with an an attractive and elegant ambiance. So what all I ate and enjoyed ? ° Food - Nasi goreng chicken fried noodles - Chicken char sui bao - Duck hoisin chilli bao - Brocoli tofu with almond dimsum ° Drinks - Apricot orange blossom - Apple Basil martini. ° Dessert

Fratelli Fresh - Renaissance Hotel.

Fratelli Fresh - Renaissance Hotel. " There is nothing more romantic than Italian food " So I recently went to Fratelli Fresh which is located in The Renaissance Mumbai convention center hotel which is designed to complement your lifestyle, With luxury accommodation and an unparalleled location on the banks of lake powai. Who does not like having a meal sitting near the window which offers a spectacular view of the lake while you are sipping on some fine wine and digging in some yummy italian food. Fratelli Fresh is the fine din restaurant which is known for it's Italian cuisine and undoubtedly boast a great view and ambiance. The elegant decor adds to the mystique. The bar at the entrance is eye - catching and well stocked. Seating interspersed with wine racks , glass walls and open kitchen adds to your Fratelli Fresh journey and makes it memorable. The staff are well informed and ever willing to assist. The service is prompt and efficient. So I was fo

Copper Chimney.

Copper Chimney . "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." Copper Chimney a brand which needs no introduction, copper chimney is a place which has many good memories attached to it . When i was little i use to force my family to just take me to copper chimney and never use to let them try some new place . So recently i went to their bkc outlet with my mom. Since the time entered we were just laughing on my copper chimney obsession in my childhood days . Copper Chimney is one of the bedt indian restaurants that takes utmost pride in it's years old services and varied offering that actually give you that eagerness to try them all. Copper chimney was established in November 1972 in the heart of the city and since then its winning hearts of people with on point cooked dishes with secret recipes and cooking techniques. The North Indian and Mughlai cuisine for which the restaurant is known for gives you the spiciest of flavours and ta

Maharaja Bhog.

Maharaja Bhog. "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Whoever you are, you deserve to have a royal meal " Maharaja in English means the king and Maharaja bhog certainly lives up to it's brand name, serving and treating their guest nothing less than a Maharaja or Maharani. I have been a regular dinner at this outlet located near the Juhu beach. Maharaja Bhog as a brand has always been the Kapoor khaandans favorite place as and when they want to enjoy a proper Rajasthani thali. My mom loves this place to the extent that whenever anyone says " let's go out to eat " she instantly replies " Let's go to Maharaja Bhog and have the thali ". So I recently visited Maharaja Bhog with my mom, The Manager Bhavesh Singh welcomed me with a bright smile on his face. That was a perfect start to the meal. As soon as you settle down you first have to wash your hands and then the empty thali comes to your table. Then

JamJar Dinner.

Jamjar diner. Jamjar diner. As soon as you enter the colourful door and climb the narrow flight of wooden stairs you would reach the ideal place for people who want to give their palates a flavourful twist and that too at affordable prices. Jamjar diner, The eatery that was first conceived in the suburban side of the city ( Andheri West versova ) as a easy going neighborhood joint , serving contemporary comfort food. They have come up with their second outlet in the maximum city, their bandra outlet. Which like it's versova brother is colourful, quirky but that the same time classy and tastefully done up walls , bar and sittings. Jamjar exudes an old world , local charm that contracts with the youthful vibrancy of the bright , glossy walls and old school Vibe which gives you a major throwback. The menu has a few dishes carried on from their versova outlet, however some very interesting and equally yummy dishes and desserts have been added to the already exciting menu. Th

Eat. Pray. Luv.

EPL : Eat Pray Luv. " First we eat, then we do everything else. " So yesterday I visited this small but pretty cute and neat place with vibrant ambiance, as soon as you enter the huge blue gate you will be welcomed with a bright smile and a warm hello. I visited this place with my cousin, He being a parsi loves the meat more than anything so I was a bit sceptical as I din want him to not enjoy the meal. But surprise surprise he enjoyed every bite, every minute we were there. I'm also a meat lover but I love going vegetarian when it comes to Italian food. So the place is divided into two parts. It's a ground +1. They play around with just two cuisines. - Italian - Mexican. They choose to be the master of two rather than jack of all and ooh boy they excel in their plan and how. So located at charni road in ranchhod bhuvan, JSS road , opera house. So let's know what GodBingeOn and his parsi cousin had and drank ? - Drinks ° Red Velvet Shake ( But