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Being a foodie and eating right has always been a task for me, living and working in a city which is forever on a run with busy schedule and fast paced life. It's gets pretty difficult to maintain a nutritional balance diet. What happens when you combine two of your favorites into one spread ? The benefit of nuts and taste that takes you on a good and happy journey. Provee has launched India’s first high protein spreads which are 100% natural, low calorie, low sugar, low carbs and high on protein and good fats. They have three different products: 1. Original protein spread 2. Choco-Hazelnut protein spread 3. Double Chocolate protein spread . You can avail a 10% discount on all the products by using " VIDURKAPOOR10 " . All the three spreads are a nutritious delight to your taste buds with goodness of protein , vitamins in every spoon. Trust me when I say this , once this spread touches your taste buds you won't stop having this. Protein is the hero