Buddha Bowl

Buddha Bowl.

" Eating well is a form of self - respect "

The name does not give it out easily. But after eating a meal there your face will surely give you a satisfying and healthy smile easily.

Located in Hill road , bandra West. This place offers two cuisines. Asian and healthy food.

As everyone in Bombay lives a life that is sometimes faster than flash , its more of a eat and move lifestyle. Everyone is running or is in a rush. So maximum times we binge on junk food that eventually make our clothes hug us tight. Your body is your best description. It exactly shows what you eat.

It's not short term diet, it's a long term lifestyle change that is needed to survive and happily live in this fast pace world. Remember when your body is hungry , it wants and needs nutrients, not calories.

The people at Buddha bowl are hitting the right notes when it comes to food. It's not just healthy but surely super yummy.

I'm a food lover but before that I'm a lover of good life and don't wish to neglect my health and my body by binging on junk, as it's a short term satisfaction. After eating junk I'm sure you sleep good. But inside your body is getting ruined by each bite you take.

Buddha bowl was recommended by a friend of mine who was tired of seeing me eating the same boring diet food, he told me that " diet is not eating boring food. It's eating the right food in right quantity "

The following are the things I tried 🍽️

° Sate chicken with spicy peanut sauce

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for people who love chicken. It comes in a neat packing with some sates with brown rice along with corn , cucumbers and carrot, but the peanut sauce is the thing that makes this meal a must have.

° Cari Chay

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It's a vegetarian dish. I being a lover of Non-Vegetarian food and would always pass the opportunity to try some Vegetarian food when it comes to diet food but this thing was recommended to me by a friend and trust me it's the best thing I have had when It comes to vegetarian diet food. It's a spicy Vietnamese preparation ( yellow colour gravy ) which has fresh mixed vegetables , soft cubes of paneer, mushroom. Corn served with Jasmine rice.

° Bang Bang Chicken

To be honest din like this dish much. But everyone has a different taste for things. This Certainly is not what my taste buds like.

Overall a Lovely meal experience with Buddha bowl, surely high on my " healthy food place recommendation " list. The food was packed neat and not even on drop of anything was spilled.


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  2. It's definitely a form of self-care


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