Lmnopq Asian Kitchen.

Lmnopq Asian Kitchen.

" You have to taste a culture to understand it "

A place with a unique name located at Khar Pali road. It's a small cute place. With almost equally distribution of sitting. The AC section has a cute wall art and mirrors all over. The outside section has a full wall grafetti and colourful umrellas on top.

You may ask. What's with the name lmnopq ? 

So the story goes that LMNOPQ comes exactly in center of the alphabetical series. Same way LMNOPQ gets four cuisines together under one roof.

What are the cuisines they play around with ?

So they mainly play around four cuisines.

- Thai
- Asian
- Chinese.
- Japanese.

So how was my experience ?

I visited this place with my mom, I was a bit spectical as I was not to sure about how my mom would react to these unique cuisines. But she was very welcoming in trying new things. Things which were not the usual for her.

It was a good experience as the dishes they serve have their own twist and taste, Not your usual asian outlet. Be prepaired as your taste palette is up for a big surprise.

The menu is limited but there is something for everyone. Be it a vegetarian person or a meat lover. You won't leave the place saying " mere taste ka kuch nahi Hain idhar "

Should we get to what all I ate and drank ?

So the things I and my mom drank were

- Minty watermelon
- Virgin mojito.

The minty watermelon was very refreshing and my body needed it as Bombay is boiling at the moment.

Things I ate and loved. ?

- lava nachos

Nachos lmnopq style. Something's I'm sure you have never tried anywhere else. So give this a chance and see if your taste pallet likes it

- Schezwan chicken with crackling spinach

I being a lover of a bit spicy food totally Loved this. The chicken pieces were good and big and totally juicy. The totally preparation was a big hit for me.

- Thai herb chicken dimsum

Was excepting more from this. To blaaah for my liking.

- Edamame truffle dimsum

Being a place which is known for it's asian cuisine. They really need to work on their dimsums. To rubbery to be honest.

- Salmon dragon sushi

A dish that pleases your eyes before they please your stomach. A total hit for me. The presentation is also very interesting. It's presented in a dragon design.

- Prawn tempura

The only sea food which I really love is prawns. So I really wanted to try a sushi which has my favorite sea food and trust me it did not give a chance to point any fault out.

- Burnt garlic Black pepper prawn

My forever compulsory order when it comes to prawns. The prawns were fresh and very juicy. A total hit and would surely Recommend this.

- Nasi goreng

Nasi goreng , literally means fried rice in Indonesian cuisine. It was ok ok. Would not rate this high.

- Pad Thai noodles

What desserts did I have ?

- Nutella peanut pie
- Molten lava cake

They need to increase their dessert menu. But both the things I had were good.

Overall it was a good lunch at lmnopq. Iram the person who manages this place puts alot of effort in making everyone feel comfortable. I had a problem with their service as it was bit slow. But iram made it a point to see if I and my mom were comfortable throughout the lunch.

Place - 4/5
Interiors - 4.5/5
Service - 3.5/5

Overall a place which I would recommend everyone to experience. It's a small but cute place which serves good food.


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