Picnic All Day Eatery.

" Unless you are at a picnic , life is no picnic "

Ghatkoper. A place which is truely an hidden gem for all Vegetarian food lovers. It's like Disney Land for vegetarian food lovers.

It's a foodie paradies, the famous khay gallis that offer some of the most lip-smacking street food in the city that never sleeps is located in ghatkoper. For the people who don't know. Khau means treat in Marathi and galli means a small lane.

So before I took food seriously and wanted to explore all the Indian food which you get with their own twist I use to consider ghatkoper a place which did not belong to Bombay as it's too far. But as they say. To gain something good you have to invest some of your time and energy. Trust me the time and energy I invested in going to ghatkoper for the first time was the best decision I made, as people who come to eat are exactly the people I connect the most with. The food lovers.

What's the new place I wish to talk about ?

Picnic all day eatery. A new all day eatery opens it's door in ghatkoper, like the name the place gives you a very summer and young vibe.

What's the interior about, does it go well with the name ?

HELL YEAH. The interiors are basically done up with alot of bright colours which gives the dinning experience an added energy as when the environment is good and vibe is happy you always enjoy the meal and time spent there.

The ambience gives you a tropical vibe , it's quirky which gives you a feel of a picnic setting which is exactly what you need to unwind after a tough day at work or a tough week.

How is the service and the management ?

So the best part about this place is the people who are there to guide and help you.
Who does not like the food coming quick on your table and the server smiling and greeting you always. Being there when you need any suggestions or help in selecting something which will suit your taste buds.

So what did I drink ?

- Nutella granola and coffee

Say what say what Nutella with Chuck's of granola mixed with coffee. What else do you need ? Just put your shades on and enjoy this 

- Strawberry almonds and oats

This was something which I had low hopes from but exceeded my expectations

- Choco banana orange ( Recommended )

Everyone has their own taste. Everyone has something that their taste buds enjoy. I loved how they have mixed chocolate with orange. Like every sip first you get the chocolate taste and the after taste is orange.

- Oreo Cookies and cream  ( Highly recommended )

THE BEST * mic drop *

What did I eat on my picnic day ?

- Pull Apart soya kheema pao ( Recommended )

Small buns filled with soya kheema , if I had not known that this place is pure vegetarian I would have taken 2 min to understand that this is not chicken.

- Popcorn mushroom ( Recommended )

Small mushrooms fried and served with barbeque ketup.

- Chef's Special burger ( Loved it )

Beetroot Patty topped with garlic hummus , lettuce and caramelized onions in a whole wheat bun

- Gnocchi ( Highly recommended )

Homemade potato dumplings tossed in burnt garlic cream , almonds , lemon zest , chives , parmesan cheese

What desserts did I try ?

- Nutella Fondue and Choco ganache fondue ( Recommended )

LOVE. Melted Nutella and chocolate ganache served with assorted fruit, colour cake pieces and bread to dip

- 7 layer rainbow cake

This actually could have been a bit better. It's a 7 layer rainbow cake with dark chocolate and rainbow sprinkles

Overall an experience which I shall recommend everyone to have and surely visiting them soon.


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