The Chocolate Heaven.

The Chocolate Heaven.

" Save the planet it's the only one with chocolate "

I don't like chocolate or things which have chocolate - SAID NO ONE.
Like the name gives it out, the chocolate heaven is truely heaven for chocolate lovers. Whenever I visit this place it reminds me of my collage days and how we friends use to sit outside on the steps and laugh, chill and enjoy our day sipping on good drinks or eating some yummies from chocolate heaven.

Do they have other outlets ?

Yes they have three outlets in Bombay. One in vile parle. Other two are located in borivali and mahim.

Which place did I visit ?
I visited the vile parle outlet. That outlet is close to my heart as it holds many fond memories and experiences. This outlet was build in front of me and I'm sure I was the first 20-50 customer to buy something off them.

Where is in located ?
It's very easy to locate this outlet as it's close to mithibai and NM college. Bang opp to bhaidas hall.

What all did I have and cannot wait to get my hands on them again ?

- Pesto Blooming Bread ( Highly Recommended )
So this is one reason of I visiting chocolate heaven often. This is love. Love made in a loaf bread filled with pesto sauce , mushrooms , garlic butter and loads of cheese.

- Wild blueberry
It's a fancy freak shake. To be honest Im more of a chocolate fan. So din enjoy this much. That does not mean you won't enjoy it. Give it a try as every human has a different taste.

- Baked hot chocolate ( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED )
IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS THEN YOU ARE LOSING OUT ON SOMETHING FREAKING EXCELLENT. it's a baked hot chocolate with tower of whipped cream and chocolate sauce. I cannot wait to have this sooner than soon.

- Chocolate Fondue.
Perfect for a group of people who wish to indulge in sinful pleasure. This fondue is served with waffles , brownies , mashellows , Choco sticks or fresh fruits.

I even had two coolers which was suggested by the server chandan.
- Blue Curacao margarita
- Kiwi margarita

Chandan was always happy to help me in deciding what I shall try, what will suit my taste buds. The best part was he was always smiling and very hospitable. You need such people in your oraganisation. They gain you good brownie points.


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