Grandmama's cafe.

Grandmama's cafe.

" Home is wherever I'm with food " 

Grandmama's Cafe. A place which is spread with 6 outlets in Bombay alone. I visited the outlet located in R-City Mall. Ghatkoper West. 

A place where one gets the most amazing decor that is flowery and gives you a very homely feel. The interiors are done up which will remind you of fairly tale stories that was a part of our growing up days. 

The cuisines that grandmamas plays around with are mainly Continental and italian. Some parsi dishes as well, I being a half parsi choose to stick to ordering some Continental and italian yummies, just like the interiors their food is equally flavourful. 

The menu is done up pretty well , it's an elaborate menu but very tastefully and tightly made, it gives you variety of dishes on both the Continental and italian cuisines. 

Grandmama's is a place which is for everyone, I mean everyone. From age 4 to the oldest person alive on this @planet Earth. The vibe. The feel. It's magical. The economical menu also features special coffee section,  shake , hot chocolate section for lovers like me. 

Grandmama's is an ideal place for people who like spending quality time with friends and family over some coffee, good laughs and brilliant food. 

So what all did I have and loved ? 

First let's talk about two things I sipped on and every sip took me to a world which I never wanted to come back from. 

- Masmellow Lovers. 

One. Word. Perfect. 
That's how I would like to describe this hot chocolate which came with Masmellows on top. Every sip. I mean every sip I was having I was wanting the drink to not lose it's quantity as I was loving it so much that I could drink it the whole day. 

- Chocolate Oreo Shake. 

If you follow me on Instagram or read my zomato reviews religiously. You would have noticed I order Oreo shake everywhere. It's my scale to measure the drink side of the restaurants. I like my Oreo shake to be thick and grandmamas are never wrong they know exactly what their grandson wants. 

Now let's talk about the food which me and my friend loved to that extent that our stomachs were full but our souls were still wanting more. 

- Chicken Croquettes 

Breaded and rolled minced chicken and served with garlic aioli 

- Sloppy Barbeque Chicken 

I love my chicken when it dives in barbeque sauce before it reaches my stomach. This burger is made with homemade barbeque sauce spread over tender chicken breast. 

- Grilled Basil Chicken. 

Chicken breast with a wild mushroom barley risotto , garlic spinach and herb sauce topped with love. 

No meal is over till you don't have dessert. So I had 

- Gooey Chocolate Decadence. 

Ultra rich mousse like chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the side. 

If I had to suggest 3 must haves then 

- Masmellow lovers. 
- Grilled Basil Chicken
- Gooey Chocolate Decadence

My time at Grandmamas was perfect thanks to Manager Benjamin and the person who helped me decide what to have according to my taste Mr Nilesh


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