China Bistro

China Bistro.

So recently I was chilling in town with a friend and was craving some nice Asian food. So as any other foodie would do I logged onto zomato and searched what's good around. So I bumped into this place.

As soon as I entered I could feel that im going to experience something worth taking back home. China Bistro is the place where they take you on a culinary journey through the kitchen of China and other pan Asian countries to unravel the mystery of age old recipes.

China bistro is well known for serving some of the best pan Asian delicacies from Thailand , china and many more Asian countries. This is place is perfect for people who look for different flavours of asian cuisines along with an an attractive and elegant ambiance.

So what all I ate and enjoyed ?

° Food

- Nasi goreng chicken fried noodles
- Chicken char sui bao
- Duck hoisin chilli bao
- Brocoli tofu with almond dimsum

° Drinks

- Apricot orange blossom
- Apple Basil martini.

° Dessert

- Chocolate Tsunami
- Darsaan cheese cake.

Overall it was a fun lunch meal, surely coming back soon to try more things from their interesting menu. Shall update as and when I go