Eat. Pray. Luv.

EPL : Eat Pray Luv.

" First we eat, then we do everything else. "

So yesterday I visited this small but pretty cute and neat place with vibrant ambiance, as soon as you enter the huge blue gate you will be welcomed with a bright smile and a warm hello.

I visited this place with my cousin, He being a parsi loves the meat more than anything so I was a bit sceptical as I din want him to not enjoy the meal. But surprise surprise he enjoyed every bite, every minute we were there.

I'm also a meat lover but I love going vegetarian when it comes to Italian food. So the place is divided into two parts. It's a ground +1. They play around with just two cuisines.
- Italian
- Mexican.

They choose to be the master of two rather than jack of all and ooh boy they excel in their plan and how.

So located at charni road in ranchhod bhuvan, JSS road , opera house.

So let's know what GodBingeOn and his parsi cousin had and drank ?

- Drinks

° Red Velvet Shake ( But not up to the mark (
° Fresh lime soda ( sweet )

- Food

° Three cheese garlic bread with jalapenos
° Bruschetta ( Highly Recommended )
° Cottage Cheese Pizza ( Highly Recommended )
° Chimichangas served with Spicy Mexican rice
° Tacos ( Retired black beans and baked avocado ) ( Highly recommended )

- Dessert

° Chocolate Fondant ( Highly Recommended)

Special mention to Gomes and Nirmal for being such great host and helping me decide what all should i try and never losing the smile while serving me. Surely this was my first of many more visit to this casual dinning place.


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