Fratelli Fresh - Renaissance Hotel.

Fratelli Fresh - Renaissance Hotel.

" There is nothing more romantic than Italian food "
So I recently went to Fratelli Fresh which is located in The Renaissance Mumbai convention center hotel which is designed to complement your lifestyle, With luxury accommodation and an unparalleled location on the banks of lake powai.
Who does not like having a meal sitting near the window which offers a spectacular view of the lake while you are sipping on some fine wine and digging in some yummy italian food.
Fratelli Fresh is the fine din restaurant which is known for it's Italian cuisine and undoubtedly boast a great view and ambiance. The elegant decor adds to the mystique. The bar at the entrance is eye - catching and well stocked.
Seating interspersed with wine racks , glass walls and open kitchen adds to your Fratelli Fresh journey and makes it memorable. The staff are well informed and ever willing to assist. The service is prompt and efficient.
So I was fortunate to experience a meal which was prepared by globally acclaimed Chef Marouane Rahali as he came to launch the new menu which he has curated.
So what all did I have ?

Coeur de Boeuf (Premium, French tomato )Tomato carpaccio, fresh Burrata          cheese, sweat basil pesto, extra vergine, pizza Montanara  

Pollo Al Balsamico|
boneless organic chicken leg marinated grilled and served with potato and red pepper Peperonata



Grilled zucchini, roasted peppers, Broccoli, green asparagus, black olives, cherry tomatoes

Paste Ripiene (Ravioli)

Triangolini di Pollo |                                                                         
Chicken Ravioli with mushroom creamy sauce and truffle essence

Salmone tutti aromi |
Salmon multy aromes, Bagna Cauda sauce and roasted vegetable

Pollo alla Parmigiana|
breaded Chicken stuffed with mozzarella Basil tomato confit


Panna cotta ai frutti di bosco|Crunchy chocolate and berries Panna cotta  cramble Modena biscuit and soft Gianduia mouse

Classic Tiramisu

Overall it was an experience which was so good and special that while the journey back home I could not stop raving about it to my friends. There are some experiences that you touch your heart and soul to that level where you cannot express in words cause it's so perfect. This was one of such experience.


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