Hemant Oberoi.

Hemant Oberoi. 

As soon as I entered the big door of hemant oberoi I felt nervous and happy at the same time as I'm going to experience the food made by the master himself. 

The man who introduced Indian diners to cuisines from across the world, His knives have carved the evolution of the culinary industry in India. 

When you are handed over the menu and turn open, the first page says 

" In culinary arts , experience is my medium and passion is myuse, and the ingredients compose it's butterfly wings. Every piece I make is eaten with equal joy as a painting brings. 

My canvas is a white plate with rims of gold and when I paint , spices add the colour truffles , herbs and falvoured oils but what is a masterpiece , if not to savour

- Chef Hemant oberoi "

Hemant Oberoi is a fine dinning restaurant located in Bandra Kurla complex which is the business capital of Bombay. 

The place has a fine and elegant ambiance and offers a menu that takes guests on a global culinary journey with European , Peruvian and asian inspired dishes. 

The high end menu is in lines with the assorted tastes and preferences of the diner and the impressive bar menu offers an array of drinks and dine spirits along with a selections of some of the best wines from around the world. 

While I was driving down to experience the Sunday brunch at hemant oberoi my mom was telling me how she use to read all the articles and books written on or by chef Hemant Oberoi in her college days. She was telling me how chef made meals for all the global starts who make to Bombay. 

So as we entered, we were greeted by a bright smile and were taken to the table. So the Sunday brunch is divided into two sections. 

  • Served on the table. 
  • Self serve from the buffet table. 

So some of the things which were kept on the buffet table were

  • Gazpacho shots 
  • Red radish flower pots 
  • Cheese platter 
  • Cold meat platter 

The sit down meal included 

  • Tortilla pizza 
  • Chicken anticuchos 
  • Truffle souffle 
  • Lamb ragout 
  • Truffle scrambled eggs 
  • Paella verde
  • Dessert. 

I have travelled alot and have eaten good, average and not so good meals but the food and experience that I got at this Sunday brunch table was something I will take back with me and talk about for not days to come but years to come. 

Every dish tells a story with the focus on introducing new flavours , unique presentation and exquisite ingredients

Chef Hemant oberoi. The man himself was present and he came and meet my mom. My mom usually never tells me to click her photo but she told me this time and chef was gracious enough to make her wish come true. The son is the happiest when his mom is smiling and is happy. 

Hemant oberoi restaurant is the perfect place for people who are specific about suprior quality of food and service. 

- Co-written with Hasti Doshi. 


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