Saptami - Holiday In.

Saptami - Holiday In.

Saptami. It means the seventh day of the fortnight in handy lunar calendar.

Saptami Is one of the best fine dinning resto cafes in the city. Located at lobby level of holiday in sakinaka. Saptami is a place for people who are very specific about the fine quality of food and service. A peaceful and cozy ambiance with modern cutting edge decor surely makes your visit worthwhile.

When I got the opportunity to visit and experience this place they had the " Sham e awadh " festival which had chef Arif Qureshi who is from the famous Qureshi clan of Lucknow blessing our plate and stomach with some very yummy and rich in taste food.

Saptami is a contemporary multi-cuisine all day dinning restaurant which offers breakfast , lunch and dinner apart from the elaborate a la carte menu.

So what all did I eat at " sham e awadh " festival ?

- Mashir Dum
- Tangdu lassoni
- shahi mutton nihari
- Dum ka murgh
- Dum ki maachi.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, I have had awadhi cuisine but the awadhi food made by the chef had the magic which my previous experiences din have.


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