February 30.

February 30.

February 30, a new bar located at oshiwara, Andheri. As soon as I stepped out of my car I was already excited by just seeing the exterior of the place. Such tastefully done up. As soon I entered the place I noticed the interiors and was very impressed.

The place offers an exotic twist to your usual dining experience without compromising on the delicious flavours and fantastic vibe that this place gives you while you are sitting.

The place is divided into two sections. The outdoor has few tables and hight chair sitting which are pretty neatly spaced out. The indoor has a full stocked bar and good sitting. The outside section looks simpler and feels comfortable while the inside section radiates a magnificent aura with unmatched elegant design.

Their food menu has everything from vegetarian and non vegetarian treats to Jain , vegan , keto and gluten free variation of dishes. the all encompassing menu has a lot to offer for each and everyone. For starters, the ‘Amuse-Bouche’ –– a three bite bar bites menu –– contains an incredible variety of Indian and western small bites. From everyone’s roadside favourite Chana Garam, to Indian delicacies like Lucknowi Tandoori and Kondapuri Prawns, to Middle-Eastern treats like the Mezze Platter and Lebanese Batata Hara, to Western fare like Las Vegas Tikka and the ‘Dinosaur’s Eggs’ (Cream cheese stuffed eggs coated with spicy chicken kheema, served with parmesan fondue), there’s a splendid assortment of dishes.

So what all did I have and enjoy ?

° Drinks

- Fools paradise
- Mind freak
- Mare's nest

° Food

- Capricciossa
- Mantou bun ( holy basil soy chilli )
- Malaysian aubergine
- Chipotle fish Tikka
- Yanna rascala
- Jamaican jerk khurchan.

Manager Chetan really helped me in deciding what all should I have and the server pradeep really took care of the table with a bright smile on his face. Happy people always make the food experience better.