Gustoso a place which has become a synonymous with authentic Italian cuisine. It's a find dinning restaurant with the menu crafted specially to bring the soul of italy to the heart of Bombay.

This speciality gourmet Italian restaurant captures the energy and vibe of italy through it's well curated food and bar menu. The interiors are very sober but elegant.

There's place for everyone and food for every palate, it's an ideal place to enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner or enjoy a fun family dinner, There are multiple seating option.

So I visited this place with my mom as she really wanted to enjoy a good Italian cuisine dinner meal , as soon as you enter from the traffic noise which surrounds Bombay and enter gustoso, you will instantly feel the calmness in your soul. The dim lighting and the simple but elegant interiors really make you feel at ease.

The staff are very welcoming and have a bright smile on there faces always. Seeing happy people around you certainly enhances your dinning experience.

So let's talk about the food I had ?

* Antipasti.

- Bruschetta

Toasted homemade bread with garlic marinated cherry tomatoes , fresh basil , olive oil and balsamic reduction.

- Gamberoni All' Aglio

King prawns sauteed in white wine , tomato and garlic sauce.

* Paste

- Gnocchi Gustosi.

Homemade spinach and potato gnocchi with taleggio , sauteed radicchio and roasted hazelnuts.

* Secondi

- Pollo Alla Cacciatora

Chicken in tomato and bell pepper sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes , topped with crispy capers.

* Pizza Rosse

- Pollo Piccante

Spicy minced chicken , San marzano tomato sauce , mozzarella , jalapenos served with their chilli infused olive oil.

* Dolci.

- Tortino

Chocolate lava cake with a berry compote and vanilla ice cream.

Overall it was a very comforting and enjoyable dinner meal.

PS - The pizza is prepared right before your eyes in the mammoth wood-fired oven.