Maffy's - Pan Arabian Bistro.

Maffy's - Pan Arabian Bistro. 

The South Bombay neighborhood gets a little closer to West asia with the opening of a new sea facing restaurant which offers succulent treats from Arabian and middle eastern cuisines. 

Maffys is named after a fictional character who travels all around the world from India. When you open the menu you will read this stories and how much he loves the lands of Mediterranean from which he just returned with a treasure trove of intriguing stories of his adventures. He goes ahead and tells about his journey and the bustling lanes of Istanbul to the markets of Damascus , at the soul of Marrakesh and at the ever busy streets of Jeddah, how he experienced new flavours and impeccable taste. The eatery and it's decor are inspired by it's owners travel experiences. 

Located on the ground floor of the sea palace hotel , the place as soon as you enter gives you a positive vibe. The interiors take you on a trip to West asia , the artwork of monuments from cities like Luxor and Marrakech adorn the walls of the eatery's indoor section. The outside section is what I loved the most. The use of space and the vibrant interiors really make you feel positive and energetic, the outdoor section facing the sea face reminds you of a European street side cafes. 

The menu is vast and is pretty intelligently designed, the menu has something for everyone. The chef has given an Indian touch and a contemporary twist to several dishes. The dondurma ( the Turkish icecream man ) which is kept on the entry of the restaurant reminded me of my time in Turkey. The place has been designed in a way, that the experience takes you on a joy ride of different West asian cities and it's cultures. The servers are also dressed up wearing Turkish Caps. 

Special mention to manager Mr Vijendra who told and explained me everything right from the water they serve , they serve rose water and camphor water for 100 rs per bottle which they make in-house and hold many health benefits. 

He explained how camphor water is good for relieve pain and it is good to increase blood flow and it’s also good for skin hair and also helps in detoxifies your body And the Benefits of Rose water is refreshing aromatic sip of water will give you a fresh feel to enjoy the food.

I have travelled and explored many places over the world, but I have never come accross a manager who loves explaining each and everything the customer is asking or ordering. He explained everything , right from the water I drank to the food I ate and suggested me desserts I should I try. He was the person who made my maffys journey worth remembering for a real long time. 

What all did I drink and eat ? 

- Ting Tong Guava.
- Passion potion 
- Love of Persian saffron 
-Red Sangria Inspired 

- Kefta Red Hummus.
- Maffys Meaty Mumbai Connection.
- Maffys House Salad.
-Chargrilled Rubiyan.
-Tikka Maffys.
- Mumbai Tawa Gosht Pide.

- Umm Ali 
- Baklava lollipop 
- Nutty Chocolate Falafel & kibbeh 

When I opened the menu to see the prices of the dishes I was surprised, It is pocket friendly and absolutely value for money. Overall it was an experience that I would like everyone to have. It's worth every penny.