Masala Library

Masala Library.

" We serve memories, not just food " - Jiggs Kalra.

Masala library, a place which justifies it's name by it's apt addition of spices and flavours to the recipes that make them more savoury and delectable.

The cuisine served at masala library is a journey where you can experience over four decades of research and exploration that Mr Jiggs kalra did across various Indian kitchen. The philosophy adapted in the menu revolves around progressive Indian cuisines. With every dish that comes on your table you can experience the diversity of traditional Indian fare combined with progressive presentation , vibrant colours and captivating blend of flavours.

Mr Jiggs Kalra who is fondly known as the czar of Indian cuisine , he has been instrumental in setting standards for Indian cuisine globally for which he has been critical acclaimed and has been an recipient of numerous accolades and internation awards for excellence.

So the chefs at masala library are nothing else than artist. They are very efficient in the art of making food look good which you can see the moment your dish arrives at your table. The exotic food menu features north Indian and south indian cuisines that are named and explained so well that it actually give you an eagerness to try them all.

A good food journey not necessarily involves only the food , but the ambiance and the service also. The beautiful and well-decorated ambiance takes you to a different world of happiness. The servers are polite and very helpful.

So what all did I have ?

° Snacks

- Bhalla Semifreddo
It's a Semifreddo made of sweetend yogurt served on the bed of spices vermeselli snack sprinkled with beetroot dust and garnished with beetroot crisp.

- Deconstruction of samosa
Thin crisp made of refined flour topped up with mash potato , sont chutney and mint chutney and garnished with almond flakes.

- Farmers Staple 3.0
Maharastrain flat Indian bread made from mixed multigrain flour , onion and green chillies and served along with lawangi Mirchi foam by the side.

° Soup

- Wild Mushroom Chai
It is mushroom soup which is presented in the form of tea. Dehydrated mushroom represents tea leaves truffle oil crumbs represent sugar powder and mushroom consomme represents black tea.

° Starter

- Amaranth crusted porial
Fried Dumplings made of mixed vegetables stuffed with gruyere cheese coated with puffed Amaranth served on the bed of Goat cheese raita

- Galouti Kebab Sheermal
Soft mouth melting kebab paste which is cooked in some Indian spices and piped on aerated shirmal.

- Chevre Kabab
kabab made with goat cheese and hung curd served with roasted bellpepper ketchup and mint chutney

- Garam masala chicken sausage
Home made chicken sausage served on the bed of mashpotatoes and purple potato cubes.

- Braised Mutton Chops.
Mutton Chops glazed with Maple and kokum syrup garnished with chives

- Curry leaf and pepper asparagus thayiar sadam.
Curry leaf and pepper asparagus served along with that is sadam foam by the side , garnished with pokchoy

° Maincourse

- Malai Paneer
Paneer Bhurji along with mix vegetables cooked in Indian spices topped up with Malai Paneer Sheet 

- Thakkali thokku Chicken.
South Indian tempered chicken cooked in tomato based gravy served along with tempered homemade iddiyappam on top.

- Assorted Indian breads with curry of the day
Laccha paratha served along with curry of the day.

° Desserts

- Sheer Khurma
Thickned saffron flavoured rice pudding piped on a scoop of vanilla ice cream served on the bed of candid nuts dusted with pistachios on top.

- Malai Toast
Sugar caramelized crusted cake made of refined flour topped up with fresh berry cream and fresh Malai cream served by the side

- Jalebi Caviar
Jalebi in the form of caviar served along with rabri topped with saffron foam.

Overall it was a perfect midweek lunch experience. This is on the top of my list of places to visit in Bombay.