Soda Bottle Opener Wala.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala. 

An amalgamation of an Irani cafe and a parsi home, That's what soda bottle opener Wala is according to me. It's a vibrant place with eclectic decor offers a menu which is familiar yet innovative. I come from a family who once owned an Irani cafe so when I entered this place it reminded me of the time when I use to visit my grandfather in his cafe. 

The seating area is spacious and offers ample scope for privacy too. Several dishes here hold a special place in my heart, basically this place gives you an experience of a concept that is unique to India , it's a dying legacy of the wonderful chaotic bustling and colourful world of an Irani Cafe. 

I remember my grandfather telling me stories of how he came to India from Iran and started the cafe , the Irani cafe culture came to India with the Persians back in the late 1950s. At one time Bombay was filled with Irani cafes now gradually the tradition of such cafes died down due to the foray of fast food concepts that flooded the city. 

Soda bottle opener Wala opened it's door to public and are trying to revive the lost tradition with it's typical parsi cuisine and some Irani specialities in their own fun and contemporary way. 

At the moment there are Four soda bottle opener Wala outlets. I visited their high street pheonix outlet to experience the limited time festival " The chef and his grandmother " where chef danesh and his grandma bring you delicious zoroastrian Irani recipes born in Iran and raised in India. 

What all I had ? 

- Koobideh kebab 
Chargrilled minced lamb with spices herbs and finely chopped onions. 

- Lamb Chop 
Chargrilled Australian lamb chops marinated with homemade spice mix and herbs. 

- Mutton Gormeh Sabzi 
Mutton slew with spinach , cilantro , fenugreek and garden greens served with noon bread 

- Mutton Qeyme 
Stewed mutton with split peas , fried potato and dried lime served with polow. 

Overall it was a lovely Sunday lunch meal. Certainly one of my favorite place to visit in Bombay.