Fuu Qin.

A cool name , fun and interactive staff and millennial - friendly interiors is often where the innovation stops and comfort and happiness kicks in. " Your pleasure is all mine " is the first thing you notice as soon as you enter this newly launched eatery which calls itself a modernist canteen.

Fuu Qin , is a modern cooking inspired food joint that nestled in a quaint settling amidst the bustling pathways of juhu, the interiors are an amalgamation of dewy pastels , millennial pinks , vibrant greens and subtle blues , every corner of this place is Instagram worthy.

Fuu Qin comprises of cosy seating options and an open kitchen permitting the chefs to interact and the customers to enjoy the meal. The restaurant is designed with an aim to offer the best of personalised culinary experience to it's guest.

The menu is smartly designed , so every table is given a sheet where you have to fill which things you wish to have. The menu consist of a host of sliders , boas , quickies and desserts. These include prawns corn dogs, tempura koliwada with a touch of traditional spices , buttermilk chicken placed between a black charcoal bun and many more such innovative and fun options to choose from. You can even do ½ and ½ portions, mix and match whatever you wish to have.

So what all did I have ?

So my meal started with
- Yazu Lemonade

Then I ordered
- Prawns corn dog
From their quickies section.

Followed by sliders
- Lamb Pretzel
- Daredevil chicken
- Obama chicken
- fish and chips.
All were ½ portions.

Then we ordered baos
- Butter chicken
- Coconut crusted prawns
- Taiwanese fried chicken.
All were ½ portions.

Ended my meal with a lovely dessert
- Snickers bar
It's snicker bar inside an ice cream.

By the end of my meal, I realised that my stomach is full but my soul still wants more, that's a sign that fuu qin is serving some fuu Qin great food which will make you keep coming back for more.