Nara - BKC


Mumbai has a handful of restaurants dedicated to Thai Cuisine, Nara Thai is a specialty restaurant that provides a wide variety of thai and seafood dishes. Nara is located at the silicone valley of Bombay, Bandra Kurla complex.

Thailand is known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate and due to the close proximity to India and similar culture, we Indians have developed an affinity to the country and its cuisine.

Representing a cuisine in India, especially in Bombay is not an easy task as we Mumbaikars are spoilt for choice, cause of the ever expanding restaurant scene. But once you have food at Nara you are sold to it for life. Every bite you take, gives you a sense of satisfaction that is measured to none. I have never been so lost for words when it comes to writing a review for a place I have visited. But you have to visit this place to understand what I mean when I say I'm lost for words! It's a food journey that cannot be compared to or written down in words.

Brought to India by the folks behind Yauatcha and Hakkasan, Nara Thai has eight branches in Bangkok and others in Singapore, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. It's a brightly lit space with comfortable chairs, purple velvet couches and bevelled mirrors. Fancy but comfortable, ideal for family dinners or a date night.

Let's read what all I had and loved ?

While I was sipping on
- Butterfly pea icetea and
my mom was sipping on
- Hat Yai Non Alcoholic.

Coming to the soups which the server suggested us to try was the
- Tom Kha chicken.
A spicy coconut and galangal soup which has three options.
Vegetarian / chicken / prawns.

Then we tried
- Yum phak boong
Crispy morning Glory leaves served with chicken and prawns dip.

- Goong phad mamuang pakchi pa
Stir-fry prawns in mango and coriander

- Hor mock pla
John Dory wrapped in banana leaf.

- Khao phad samunprai
Butterfly pea rice with Thai herbs

- Khao phad mamuag
Spicy mango friend rice which has vegetarian / chicken option

- Keang phed mamuang
Mango red curry ( vegetarian / chicken / prawns )

After such a lovely meal I was craving for something sweet so we were recommended

- khawheniyw mamuang
Mango sticky rice with coconut milk

- Khrep khek mamuang
Mango crepe cake.

Whenever I take my mom along with me and she loves the meal and raves about it to me and my brother, that moment is what I live for. When a mother loves something that her son made her eat thats when the son is the happiest. The food at Nara Thai made my mom smile in happiness and I could see her enjoying every bite of the entire meal.

Nara Thai has become my first choice for Thai food, it has the kind of authentic thai experience I can enjoy with my family and friends. The staff are pretty well trained to guide you through a food journey that you would not stop talking about for days.

Special mention to servers Surendra and Vishal for helping me in choosing what all I should have.

Insiders tip

° Their crepes are possibly the best dessert you will have.
° The restaurant is extremely popular and worth the wait.