The Cheaters

The Cheaters 

With a vision to break the norm of cheating on your meals, the Cheaters has now opened its doors at The Orb, Mumbai

The menu has a contemporary twist to the Classic American Bar and Grill, using unconventional ingredient & flavor combinations, the Cheaters brings people together to socialize and celebrate freedom and the joy of cheating.  

With its quirky interiors and a fun ambiance, the Cheaters brings to you a splendid dining experience elevated by adding a touch of uniqueness. 

With stimulating modern dishes, there’s a lot for your palate to discover. As far as the bar is concerned, you can expect the unexpected. 

I was fortunate to visit them on the day they opened their doors to public. As soon as I entered I got a very good and easy vibe which to be honest you don't get everywhere easily. The menu is fairly varied with American dishes, as well as Mexican comfort food with the cheaters twist. The vegetarians have enough to choose from. 

So what all did I have ? 

° Drinks. 
- Pineapple yuzu jalapeno sour 
- Pineapple rosemary 
- Blueberry basil icetea 

° Food 
- Baked BBQ chicken wings 
- Chargrilled cilentro and lemon prawns. 
- Baked pepper & garlic chicken with pepper sauces 
- Emmental cheese stuffed chicken burger 

- Chocolate mousse bomb. 

Special mention to servers Javed who guided me well through the menu. His recommendations were on point and excellent. The staff is alert, polite and offers prompt service. 

Insiders tips. 
- Do not miss out on trying the " Emmental cheese stuffed chicken burger " a big fat chicken patties with smoked bell peppers, beetroot coleslaw and a hickory smoked BBQ sauce. 

- Thai herbs infused chicken is one of the best soups I have had in 2019. 


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