Ishaara, No words just signs. Actually that's the only way of placing your order at Ishaara " Idhar ishaaro mea he baat hoti Hain ". A unique dining experience in Mumbai.

The service staff has speech and hearing impairment here but they are far superior when it comes to doing there job right. Patrons are welcomed at the door by a dost who explains how the restaurant works.

With beautiful interiors and efficient service, this is hands down gonna become the crowd favorite. Their menu is panned across various cuisines. Pick anything off the menu and you are sure in for a delight. The drinks menu here needs special mention as it's very thoughtfully planned and successfully executed.

Design wise, ishaara is an abstract take on plush tropical trees illuminated the restaurant, coupled with the minimal intervention of metal and concrete on the bar and counters. The furniture is made up of teak wood and natural veneers. At first all I noticed were the interiors that being the outdoors inside with plants dotting every corner, there is plenty of natural light coming in which makes your meal journey pleasant.

The menu is illustrated with simple instructions to be able to seamlessly communicate an order to the server through sign language. Every server also has a sign name printer on the back of their t-shirt, they encourage the diners to communicate with them and also with each other. A few hesitant flicks of my fingers and our order was placed, the process is not at all cumbersome as I had imagined. Before entering ishaara I had my own self doubts on what would I place an order and ask for suggestions, but ishaara was all I needed to do to get my boat sail easily.

So what all did I have ?

- Non Alcoholic Cocktails
• Lychee and lemongrass cooler
• Virgib grapefruit cobbler
• Indian gooseberry cooler

- Low alcohol cocktail
• Orange and cranberry fizz

- Chaats
• Dahi Puri
• Bhutte ki khees
• Pani Puri

- Starters
• Dungar Chicken Tikka
• Dori kebab
• Tandoori prawns

- Main course
• Dal haveli
• Chicken Malvan curry
• Raw mango prawns curry
• Smoked aubergine bharata

- Desserts
• Flourless chocolate brownie
• Kulfi
• Gulah jamun and vanilla pannacotta

Ishaara effortlessly serves nuances of regional cuisine with some interesting modern twist. In an area, where a plethora of restaurants emerge everyday, it's rare to stumble upon on a meal that is perfect from start to end.