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Meishi  at The Park Mumbai Will Redefine Your Love For Asian Cuisine

Meishi, an elegant space of the lobby presents lavish and healthy delicacies. The cuisine boasts of Japanese, Thai, Chinese and many more using fresh ingredients. The interior of the restaurant uses Zen like palate of grey’s and black punctuated by bold gold and burnt orange. A private dining area enclosed in gold chain curtains is a perfect place for curated events, a celebration or a formal meeting. The room truly embodies authenticity in a modern setting, and it embraces an environment that is dynamic. The result is authentic cooking with a contemporary flair - subtle yet thrilling - and all made with the finest ingredients, fresh imported and local produce with sustainable sourcing.

An Asian restaurant at the new hotel in Juhu serving delicacies and innovative creations that will take you on an unforgettable dining experience.
Firmly placing itself as keto and gluten free speciality, we started off with Amuse Bouche, Avocado and silken tofu with orange olive salsa and peri peri dust. Sushi lovers can pick from a range of California maki, crab stick, prawns, tamago, asparagus along with starters including Rock shrimp tempura. Dimsum lovers can indulge in a variety of these delicious bite-size goodness including Spicy lobster, yellow chilli and Pan tossed cumin lamb kotieh. From soups and salads to their signature picks from Flora, Fauna and Aqua - the meal is one that will delight you with its authentic flavours of Yam phak ruam with asparagus, broccoli and fungus and Fresh burrata salad along with rocket leaves & sundried tomatoes . The chefs have pre-selected choices of rice and noodles that will truly become the crowd favourites including Bhutanese datshialong with organic red rice and Miso glazed tofu & yaki soba noodles and more for hearty appetites. Don’t miss the artisanal cocktails including Sesame sour – a unique concoction of whisky, black sesame syrup, ginger and egg white, and mocktails Activated charcoal colada – fresh pineapple juice, coconut syrup along with activated charcoal, Pineapple Mule – fresh pineapple, ginger, basil along with ginger ale

The overall ambience of the space is warm, earthy and charmingly inviting - one that promises a delectable treat both for the eyes and the stomach! We ended our meal with a sweet tooth by the Earl Grey Pot  de crème dessert


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