ITC hotels are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with caringly selected delights for iftaari

 ITC hotels are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan with caringly selected delights for iftaari. 

Featuring traditional delicacies in their "Ruhaniyat" edition of gourmet couch and biryani & pulao collection, including delectable treats from Nutmeg - the gourmet shop. 

The Ruhaniyat menu by gourmet couch which I recently tried is a curated menu from globally acclaimed restuarants which brings alive exquisite epicurean delights, which has curated signature preparation to suit discerning palates. 

There are three options. 

- Meal for two which is for Rs 3200 + taxes 

- Meal for four which is for Rs 6200 + taxes 

- Meal for six which is for Rs 9000 + taxes 

I experienced the meal for four which had the following dishes 

I started my meal with the appetizers which were

- Seekh gilafi dum pukht

Minched chicken kebab, laced with crispy juicy tomato and capsicum, complimented with pungent green chillies and onions. 

- Galouti kebab

Classic melt in mouth lamb kebab smoked with cloves ans spiked with polti masala, slow cooked on mahi tawa 

After experiencing such rich appetizers, I was excited to experience the mains. Following were the mains I binge onto. 

- Murgh handi qorma

Boneless drumsticks of chicken simmered in brown onion, garlic and yoghurt gravy. Perfumed with saffron, rose water and garnish with almond slivers

- Shahi nehari

Prime cuts of Iamb cooked over-night on low heat, in a sealed handi with seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs sprinkled with mace and cardamom

- Bibi ka murgh pulao 

This spring chicken and long-grain basmati rice pulao is flavoured with aromatic spices and generous amounts of slow cooked onions that both tinge and enrich this preparation

- Haleem

A traditional recipe dating back in time, this preparation is made with ground wheat, Iamb, lentils and select spices 

- Dal Bukhara 

A harmonious blend of black lentils, tomatoes, ginger and garlic simmered overnight on slow charcoal fire finished with cream and served with a dollop of unsalted butter

The mains were accompanied with 

Mirch baigan ka salan & Laccha paratha. 

There is no meal which is complete without something " Meetha ". 

Seviyon ka muzzafar is a classic dessert of saffron infused vermicelli, doused in sugar syrup and drizzled with almonds and cashews

Above was my food experience which was made and delivered with all the safety precautions taken care of. All safety safety precautions like regular temperature checks and control, Hygienically prepared fresh food, regular sanitation and cleaning and use of mask, gloves and other equipment as prescribed. 

You can experience the Ruhaniyat menu, biryani & pulao collection and nutmeg - the gourmet shop is any of the ITC hotel near you. 

The menu is available in New Delhi , Mumbai , Bangaluru , Hyderabad , Kolkata , Chennai and Jaipur.