Mumbai welcomes French-style patisserie Cou Cou

 Offering the perfect mélange of authenticity, tradition and modernity, Cou Cou is the first

independent food and beverage outlet brought to life by the legendary Oberoi Group and has

opened at Jio World Drive, Bandra Kurla Complex.

What’s on the menu ?

Cou Cou offers freshly-baked bread, cakes, handmade chocolates, homemade gourmet ice

creams and a vibrant selection of savoury delights.

The bakery and savoury section showcase an exciting assortment of freshly baked bread, with

an opportunity to witness them being baked right in front of you.  The cakes and pastries section

offers a wide range of cakes, classic and contemporary pastries, and tarts of various sizes and

flavors. The chocolate and cookies section offers homemade single origin chocolate and

pastries. It also offers a chance to witness the patissier complete his creation! What really caught

my eye were the celebratory cakes that were on display. The classic French-style cake  - Opera is

now on my must order list for upcoming Christmas celebrations.   

The culinary masterpieces are brought to life by Chef Pierre Storti and Chef Pratik Deshmukh,

who each have more than a decade of experience as patissier. Their impeccably crafted

creations come in interesting and unexpected flavour profiles and combinations, with the

presentation being modern and playful. 

Design and décor

Cou Cou is defined by two major design elements; salmon pink fluting and customised

cantilevered light fixtures that break the boundaries between the inside and outside spaces.

Varying scales of seating allow for larger groups to share tables and smaller groups to sit within

banquettes. Potted plants provide definition and privacy within the patisserie, while white mosaic

tiles encompass the whole space with a Parisian vibe. Cou Cou is a space for one to host,

socialise, pause and indulge.

What really caught my eye were the celebratory cakes! The classic French-style cake - Opera is

now my go-to!

Cou Cou is definitely a must visit!