Fullarton Distilleries & All Things Nice are all set to launch Limited- Edition Whisky : Woodburns – A Tale of Oak

A limited-edition, single malt whisky from Fullarton Distilleries, in collaboration with All Things Nice, is all set to hit stores by the end of September, right in time for the festive period. Woodburns : A Tale of Oak is a 250 bottle exclusive, single malt Whisky crafted at Fullarton Distilleries, also the home of Woodburns Whisky, Pumori Gin, & Segredo Aldeia Rums, and propositioned by All Things Nice, India’s leading wine, spirits, and luxury marketing agency. This one-off, potentially highly collectible single malt whisky will be available for sale in Goa & Maharashtra. Woodburns: A Tale of Oak is inspired by the wordsmiths that told their own tales of oak. With a history that begins with the Greeks, the oak tree has been a symbol of might, endurance, & wisdom. An ideal site for congregations through the ages, the mighty oak has centuries of stories to tell. Reminiscent of the years gone by as storytellers spun intricate webs, under the shadows of billowing trees, enchanting kids into a state of meditative trance as they hung onto every word uttered by the man that sat under the village tree. A single malt that sees no additives, is non-chill filtered, & comes with an ex-bourbon cask finish - this is a distinctive special edition befitting the largest whisky-consuming nation in the world. Woodburns: A Tale of Oak is a rare, all-Indian spirit crafted with the forethought & foresight deserved by the contemporary Indian whisky drinker. “We are excited with the future of Indian single malt whisky and are happy to have collaborated with Fullarton with A Tale of Oak for what we think is an exceptional bottle of Single Malt Whisky that we can share with our network of whisky collectors and enthusiasts ” - Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier & Founder All Things Nice. “We’ve reached a stage where high-quality Indian products are available and appreciated, and we at Fullarton have always been striving to create products of this nature. Woodburns : A Tale of Oak is a project that’s been very close to my heart and is my personal favourite spirit to come out of Fullarton Distilleries thus far” - Aman Thadani, Fullarton Distilleries Product Details: Non-Chill Filtered, Ex-Bourbon Cask Finish, No Additives, Unpeated, All Indian Spirit Tasting Notes: Nose- Candied red fruits, sherry reminiscent Palate- Opening notes of sweet fruit & oaky vanilla. Well-rounded mouthfeel with robust notes of piquant sweet spice & pleasant oiliness. Finish- Dry lingering finish, with a perceived sweetness and notes of liquorice & mace flower Details: Product : Woodburns: A Tale of Oak (Limited edition – only 200 bottles) Launch Date : Wednesday, 28th September 2022 Available at : All Things Nice - The Wine Cellar, Malabar Hill


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