Top restaurants and meals to try this Veganuary month!

It’s the veganning of a brand new year! Welcome to 2023, and if your revolutionary vision board for this year’s resolutions includes ‘adapting to a healthier diet,’ then we’ve got you covered! From breakfast to brunch, dinner to late-night snacking, and every meat-free meal in between, we're sure you’ll find the best veggie dining experiences using our handy list as your guide that will start your year on a splendid yet rejuvenating note. It doesn’t matter if you’re a curious carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for plant- based dining options- Here are 12 kitchens that are guilty of serving you the most mouth-watering vegan dishes that will engrain your tastebuds, leaving you thoroughly pleased! Bloom, Bandra Bringing forth the notion of a healthy gut is the key to a healthy body is Bloom, a 7-day-a-week, breakfast-to- dinner eatery and café that recently opened its doors to all café lovers out there who are just looking to unwind and spend quality time with their loved ones. Bloom is a plant-based, millet-based, vegan, as well as a keto-friendly café that is also delivery-friendly. So get ready to start the year on a healthier note and quickly uplift your mood by enlightening your senses with vegan dishes such as Oats Pancakes with seasonal fruits served with maple syrup, Signature Zen Avocado Toast with whole wheat sourdough, avocado vegan feta smash, super seeds, and basil pesto, Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Smoothie Bowl with banana, peanut butter, dates, vanilla, cocoa powder, oat milk, chia seeds, granola, sliced almonds, and cocoa nibs, amongst others. Kyma, BKC Looking forward to celebrating another year full of smiles, and warm embraces, and serving delicious food and craft cocktails, Kyma promises to satiate your tastebuds one plate at a time this Veganuary. Inspired by an all-day casual vibe, with an exquisite indoor and outdoor space, Kyma is sure to have you coming back year after year as they prepare to offer you their beautifully crafted vegan-friendly dishes such as Kyma Signature Noodles served with refreshing veggies, Chilli Oil Noodles with fermented chilli oil and fried garlic and Spicy Sichuan-style Mapo Tofu, amongst others. Taftoon, Bandra, Powai Taftoon Restaurant & Bar is an ode to the flavours of the heritage Grand Trunk Road and a one-of-its-kind Indian restaurant in Mumbai that recently opened another outlet at Powai. The restaurant, with its raw and simple experiential concept, engenders a gastronomic journey from Kabul to the ancient site of Chittagong and getting ready to soar new skies. You can indulge in some savoury vegan dishes at Taftoon such as Kagzi Badam Shorba, Saundhey Aloo Puri, Saag aur Subzi, and Mochar niramish, and more. Eve, Powai With the library, greenery, calm ambience, and fine cuisines, Eve is an inclusive space for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time with friends or themselves, because as we all know a great book and a steaming cup of coffee during the day will surely serve as the best company. At Eve, you can pamper yourself with the luscious vegan dish such as the Vegan Matcha Chia Pudding with homemade crunchy granola and tropical fruits, and more. one8 Commune, Juhu The brand new up-and-coming and one-of-a-kind casual dining and bar space called ‘one8 Commune’ is not just your regular restaurant, but a place that makes you feel a sense of belonging to a community. A community that is ready to appreciate, welcome, and stand by humanism, a tribute to the human spirit and its resilience while also finding its excellence. One8 Commune’s kitchen unveils a memorable feast of global cuisines, all created with passion, refinement, and precision. It focuses on light and healthy food with eclectic yet subtle experimentation of “comfort classics” and light cooks that retain their original flavour giving a few favourites to every kind of palate along with a focus on as-fresh-as-possible organic produce. So make sure you treat yourself to one8 Commune’s Superfood Salad served with assorted mesclun Greens, roasted pumpkin seeds, cantaloupe melon, amaranth seeds, and lemon vinaigrette. All Saints, Khar Embark on a tantalizing and gastronomic journey filled with scrumptious vegan food at All Saints. Once you enter those exquisite doors, you are surely in a no-filter and a no-judge zone- a place you call ‘home’ and where you can be yourself! The diversity and variety of the interiors in All Saints completely soothe all of the senses. And the cherry on top is that you can also treat yourself to a lip-smacking vegan sweet treat like the Mocha Fudge, which is a coffee lover’s dream, and a moist cake infused with coffee and topped with a rich mocha icing. Demy, Lower Parel Demy, the all-new dazzling restaurant located in Kamala Mills is a breathtaking evolution of culinary adventures. The authentic and sophisticated cafe, and bar, offers a wide array of global cuisines. Demy is a place where you can savour the taste of the most popular cuisines in the most relaxing setting that transports you to the hallowed streets of Greece. With a pinch of passion in every dish, new flavours, and exchanging old memories with your loved ones, you can get ready for an invigorating culinary journey with some flavoursome vegan dishes such as Edamame Hummus Bowl, Peri Peri fries, Signature Avacado Toast, and Tadka Hummus. The Sassy Spoon The Sassy Spoon is a multi-award-winning, trendy resto-bar that celebrates cuisines from around the world with a sassy twist. From an exquisite mixture of flavours and textures to aesthetic interiors with innovative lighting, The Sassy Spoon has also won a glorifying award as the ‘Best Independent Restaurant in India.’ What’s more? Don’t forget to embark on a delicious vegan culinary experience right away by indulging in delicacies like Raw papaya and raw mango with crushed peanuts and sweet chilli, Mixed Veg Ramen, served with coconut broth, Kaffir lime, and Togarashi dust, and Teriyaki Tofu with shiitake, Shimeji mushrooms, and Togarashi dusted jasmine rice. Millo, Lower Parel Millo is a warm, cozy, relaxing all-day dining place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. With its soothing and pleasant ambience, Millo is an elegant Kitchen & Bar focusing on taste, customized crockery and food served most stylishly. The highlight of Millo is that the food at Millo has a quirky take on vegetarian recipes from all over the globe and focuses more on Mexican, Italian & European cuisines with a diverse range of vegan and plant-based food. So make sure to engage in some eclectic vegan cuisines like South Indian Singoda, Crispy Patra, Healthy Ones salad, etc., and celebrate veganuary with your camaraderie in full swing! Blue Bop café, Khar BlueBop, is a cutting-edge, stylish all-day cafe, where one is bound to relish food that touches the soul while making every cell in your body spring with delight. Besides taking its customers on a delectable journey, this cafe has a musical side to it too. So, if you are looking forward to a relaxing, refreshing, healthy, and mouthwatering experience after shopping at Linking Road Khar, head towards BlueBop and indulge in some of the finest vegan dishes such as the Vegan Margherita Pizza and the sugar-free and vegan dark chocolate tart. Azule, Ashwem, Goa AZULE is an enlightening and picturesque beachside restaurant in Goa, where you can experience the unexplored. The upscale indoor and outdoor restaurant is a place for those who are searching for a spot of calm in the form of breathtaking views of la plage and enjoy whilst lunching on some delectable culinary adventures. With a vision of exposing patrons to a culinary adventure of a lifetime, and indulging them in numerous culinary foodgasms, AZULE promises to endlessly serve everyone alive in the truest essence of life and lives today like there’s no tomorrow. Some of the must-try vegan dishes include Cauliflower Steak, an exquisite main course dish, Garden fresh salad Cous Cous, fruit and beets, Aubergine twist and Ghoogney tartlets.