Rain-soaked Bliss: Embrace the Monsoon Magic with a Luxury Glamping Staycation at Moonstone Hammock

Moonstone Hammock®, a leading luxury glamping brand, is thrilled to announce an enchanting monsoon experience for travelers seeking a rain-soaked bliss. Located in the serene settings of Karjat and Pawna, Moonstone Hammock® offers the perfect getaway to embrace the magic of the rainy season. With upgraded accommodations, exciting trekking and hiking experiences, and exclusive discounts, Moonstone Hammock® promises an unforgettable staycation. One of the key highlights of this announcement is the upgraded accommodations at Moonstone Hammock®. The brand has recently enhanced their Hunters Nest rooms in Karjat, providing guests with a luxurious experience. These upgraded rooms now feature air conditioning, attached bathroom and washroom facilities, and newly furnished wooden finished flooring. The blend of modern amenities and natural elegance creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests to relax and unwind. For adventure enthusiasts, Moonstone Hammock® offers a range of exciting activities. Guests can embark on thrilling treks at both the Pawna and Karjat locations, immersing themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the region. The trekking experiences are complemented by exhilarating hiking opportunities, allowing visitors to explore picturesque landscapes and capture breathtaking views. To ensure convenience, Moonstone Hammock® provides transportation to and from the trekking and hiking sites at an additional cost, offering a hassle-free adventure for guests. In a bid to provide exceptional value, Moonstone Hammock® 's Awas Alibaug property is delighted to offer an exclusive discount. Guests who show the M2M ferry tickets, save 10%* at the Buddha Cafe. In addition, guests can take a leisurely 200-meter walk from the property to Awas beach, Alibaug where they can indulge in the picturesque coastline after relishing the tempting cuisine at the Buddha Cafe. This enticing deal not only allows visitors to savor delicious food but also provides them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the breathtaking views of Alibaug's scenic coastline. Co-founder, Pradeep Singh Choudhary of Moonstone Hammock®, expressed his enthusiasm for the monsoon season, stating, "We are delighted to announce our upgraded experiential stays at Moonstone Hammock®. Our aim is to provide guests with a luxurious glamping experience amidst the beauty of the monsoon. With our enhanced facilities and exclusive offers, we are committed to creating unforgettable memories for our guests during their stay with us." Moonstone Hammock® in Karjat and Pawna invites travelers to embrace the magic of the monsoon season. With upgraded accommodations, thrilling adventures, and exclusive offers, Moonstone Hammock® promises a luxury glamping experience like no other. For more information and bookings, please visit www.moonstonehammock.com About Moonstone Hammock®: Moonstone Hammock® is a leading luxury glamping brand, offering exceptional experiences amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. With locations in Karjat, Pawna, Alibaug & Jibhi (HP) Moonstone Hammock® provides guests with a unique blend of luxury, adventure, and tranquility. From upgraded accommodations to thrilling activities, Moonstone Hammock® promises an unforgettable staycation.